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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Aqua Luna, Sydney

EDIT: Aqua Luna has now closed.

With sweeping views of Sydney Harbour and a reputation for fine food and service, Aqua Luna is a popular upmarket restaurant for both business and pleasure.

Aqua Luna basks in plenty of high-profile public recognition, mainly courtesy of ex-chef Darren Simpson, with regular appearances on My Restaurant Rules and Sunrise. Unfortunately in between the time we booked and our actual dining experience, Darren had already left for greener pastures. In his place is Italian Chef, Danny Russo (ex-L'Unico) who has visions to shift its menu to a more traditional trattoria-style.

Baked tomato stuffed with fregola sarda, olives & eggplant $20.00

Roasted scallops with an insalata of white asparagus & tomato dressing $26.00

Our entrees were all faultless. Well executed and beautifully presented, the tomato was delicate yet tasty; the scallops were melt-in-the-mouth tender.

Grilled swordfish with Sicilian eggplant $38.00

Grilled sirloin with baby rocket & truffle dressing $38.00

Risotto with squid ink & crispy calamari $24.00 (entree-size)
Main size available for $34.00.

Without doubt the squid ink risotto had significant wow factor. A mesmerising ebony gloss hid a creamy tasty risotto--decadence in every mouthful. The steak was a little disappointing (nothing like the mouthwatering mouthfuls from Prime or even Alio) but the swordfish was flavoursome and tender.

As we digested and waited for dessert, we admired the spectacular view, as well as the funky looking wood-turned feature on the walls.

Zucotta gelato $14.00

Sweet ravioli filled with ricotta & candied fruit with honey ice cream $14.00

I had expected the ravioli to be literally sweet pasta cooked in boiling water. Instead we had pastry pillows filled with ricotta which were sweet but a little dry for my liking, and in need of plenty of ice cream with each mouthful. The zucotto gelato was a lot more satisfying, with a terrine of mixed gelatos encased in soft sponge.

Courteous, efficient and non-invasive service. Spectacular views. Luxurious leather booth seating. Well-executed classic Italian.

Aqua Luna (CLOSED)
5-7 Macquarie Street East, Circular Quay
Tel: 02 9251 0311
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