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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Eat City, Sydney

EDIT: Eat City has now closed.

Despite a huge lunch at The Malaya, our stomachs needed closure (sugar) and maybe a little more liquid (alcohol). Easy. Find a pub with a dessert menu.

Famous last words.

Five pubs and several blocks later, we finally stumbled into the City Hotel which (joy of joys) hosts the dessert-serving Eat City restaurant upstairs.

L-R: Chocolate cake; profiteroles; berry summer pudding; chibouste tarte; and macadamia nut and chocolate mousse pyramid - each $8.00

Chibouste tarte (peach flan and orange) with vanilla anglaise and passionfruit coulis $8.00

Choose whichever garnish you desire, including berry coulis, vanilla anglaise, passionfruit coulis, chocolate sauce and clotted cream.

We liked the novelty factor of the dessert trolley, especially since you get to look at all the desserts before you make your decision. The choice of garnish also makes dessert much more of an event.

Our chabouste tarte didn't quite set our tastebuds aflutter but we had sugar, we had beer, we were happy.

Eat City does have an interesting looking savoury menu, with dishes (larger than entree but smaller than main, according to the menu) ranging from $8-$16 (choose 3 for $40). Options included duck confit ($12), kangaroo fillet ($11), wagyu beef ($16) and roast duck breast ($16).

Eat City (CLOSED)
Level 1, 349 Kent Street (cnr King Street), Sydney
Tel: 02 9262 5900
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