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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

XO, Surry Hills

EDIT: XO Surry Hills has closed.

In search of a little dessert after our $5 steak at Forresters, we ambled along Crown Street to consider our options. On a balmy summer's evening, we needed ice cream which strangely enough, was proving difficult to find.

When we paused outside XO to just "look at the menu", we somehow found ourselves seated inside. Now how did that happen?

Salty peanut toffee ice cream $8.00

This was my first time inside the recently reopened XO by Neil Perry on the site of the old MG Garage premises. The look is modern with plenty of pine, chrome and a mixture of funky orange seating.

Our choice was unanimous--the salty peanut toffee ice cream which was creamy, smooth and filled with crunchy shards of only slightly salty toffee.

Despite only ordering an $8 dessert each and declining on the offer of a dessert wine, service was warm and pre-emptive. Our glasses of water were constantly topped up as though we were drinking Moet. Admirably the waitstaff did try and upsell, but were not put out when we declined.

We couldn't help spying on the dishes of our fellow diners which looked zingy, fresh and tasty. And the bathrooms were pretty cool too.

XO Restarant (CLOSED)
490 Crown Street, Surry Hills
Tel: 02 9360 7007
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