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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Ippon Sushi, Haymarket

EDIT 05/07/07: Ippon Sushi has now closed

Sushi train is one of those tricky places where if you're not careful, the stack of plates beside you (and the bill) can grow exponentially.

Still, there's something mesmerisingly hypnotic about choosing your own perfect plate of sushi from the endless marching nori army.

Ippon Sushi doesn't help the gluttonous cause by offering sushi plates at either $2.50 or $5.50. The interior is bright and cheerful and the sushi chefs in the middle provide entertainment as they hand-make nigiri before your eyes.

I exercised relative restraint and went for a number of different dishes:

Seaweed salad $2.50

Deep-fried salmon skin $2.50

Gunkan-maki with salmon salad $2.50

Gunkan-maki with salmon roe $2.50

The sushi was all fairly tasty although I did think the salmon roe was a little deflated. The seaweed salad was fresh and tasty and the fried salmon skin (a personal favourite) was salty, crunchy and reminiscent of pork crackling.

A pleasing way to spend a pick-n-mix lunch.

Dangerously addictive.

Ippon Sushi (CLOSED)
404 Sussex Street, Haymarket
Tel: 02 9212 7669
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posted by Anonymous on 1/27/2005 11:59:00 pm


  • At 1/31/2005 9:18 pm, Blogger Ms One Boobie said…

    Yummy.. yummy .. yummy.. !! and here i am at 6.21am.. eating a home-made sandwich.. while reading all about sushi .. and sushi train.. when you know i can't get it here.. :P
    Now i'm sad..!! :P

  • At 1/31/2005 9:47 pm, Blogger Ms One Boobie said…

    Yer so sweet.. ;) There are sushi places in Halifax but i'm 4hrs away.. and with the business and chloe to take care of.... i hardly go there anymore.. :(
    But thanks for thinking of me.. i'll survive.. i assure you .. ;) hehe!!

  • At 2/02/2005 2:24 pm, Blogger pinkcocoa said…

    Hey I love conveyor-belt sushi! Just love watching all the delicious looking sushi slowly marching in front of me while I pig out! I had only been to Ippon Sushi once and that was like 5-6 years ago.

    You seem to like salmon a lot! My favourite at conveyor-belt sushi would be the handrolls! We headed to Makoto Chatswood a couple weeks ago. Their handrolls are superb! I should really put up the post..:p Just lazy you know!! hehe..

    On other note, have you tried the Sushi Train inside George Street Cinema? A friend brought me there and I had to agree with him the sushi there are pretty good. Unfortunately not all sushi train are yummy. Went to the one in Chatswood and were utterly disappointed!! >.<

  • At 11/19/2005 12:23 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I've been to Ippon Sushi a few times now. I usally forgo the dishes on the sushi train and order a Bento Box. My favourite is the Terriyaki Chicken bento box. It's absolutely huge (including Terriyaki Chicken, Tempura, Sashimi and Kimichi, plus Miso). Great value at $14!


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