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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Slip Inn, Sydney

The Slip Inn has always been one of the more popular after-work bars for City suits. Today it is probably best well-known amongst Sydneysiders (females in particular) for being the magical wonderland where Tasmanian girl-next-door Mary Donaldson met Danish Crown Prince Frederik at an afterparty for the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games opening ceremony.

Now our Mary is the Crown Princess of Denmark, and the Slip Inn has the trump card when it comes to marketing itself to single females for Valentine's Day. Not only does the pub proudly fly flags for both Australian and Denmark now, but Sydney gals are lured with the tagline to "Meet your Prince at the Slip Inn... if Mary did it...so can you!"

Forget Princes though. The promise of a $5 steak is far more alluring! :P

The new "bait" for the thirsty but thrifty, the Slip Inn offers sirloin steak Diane with mash; linguini wth eggplant, zucchini and rocket; and bangers and mash for a paltry $5.

Sirloin steak Diane with mashed potato $5.00

We elected for the steak which arrived on a bed of creamy mash and smothered in tasty Diane sauce. The steak was significantly better than the one from Forresters, although truth be told, the last mouthful of each bite had to be swallowed. The mash was also pretty good and $5 for a substantial meal in town in pleasant surroundings is pretty unbeatable.

The Slip Inn also offers a Thai menu ($7-$14) as well as pizzas ($15.70 - $16.80).

There are three bars located within (Slip Bar, Sand Bar and Garden Bar) allowing punters to choose to sit amongst floorboards, sandstone, or in the Tuscan-themed courtyard. Three clubs (Chinese Laundry, Cave and Good Vibrations) also swing into action on Friday and Saturday nights.

The crowd is young, hip and in tailored suiting--undoubtedly the target demographic for all venues managed by the Merivale group (Establishment, Hotel CBD, Angel and Lotus).

Slip Inn
111 Sussex St, Sydney
Tel: 02 9299 4777

$5 specials Monday - Thursday from 6pm
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