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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Pyrmont Growers Market

It's that time again. Pyrmont Growers Market.


And who did I bump into, but pinkcocoa and shinchan!

Loaves from La Tartine

Fruit loaf from La Tartine: my new must-have staple!

Liquid refreshment from Parker's Organic Juices
We had the blood orange juice which was very tasty.

Myoga from Kei's Kitchen

EDIT 1/2/06: Bolivian Rainbow Chillis
(Thanks chillisrus!)

Good Living Growers' Market
7.00am - 11.00am on the first Saturday of every month
Pyrmont Bay Park, Pyrmont (opposite Star City Casino)

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posted by Anonymous on 3/05/2005 10:30:00 am


  • At 3/07/2005 9:24 pm, Blogger R said…

    You were there? And Pinkcocoa too?

    Wail! I left the markets at 8:30am, clutching my bread and fudge, as well as my Sydney Morning Herald with the Tropfest DVD.

    So, I guess I can't complain, but I would have liked to have seen you both.

    Next time :)

  • At 3/08/2005 10:42 am, Blogger Ms One Boobie said…

    Hey.. AG,
    I'm really envious now.. !!

  • At 3/08/2005 7:29 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    thoughts of a crust of bread with duck pate are now filling my head...

  • At 3/09/2005 5:07 pm, Blogger pinkcocoa said…

    hey AG
    I was just as surprised when we bumped into you! Was gonna post some photos up but been lazy.....ah well...maybe tomorrow...:p

    Hiya R
    You were there too? We got there around 8pm and still hanging around the place at 10am! We just dont want to leave.

    Maybe next time we will all bump into each other and have a late breakfast together! ;-)

  • At 3/10/2005 12:11 pm, Blogger pinkcocoa said…

    hey AG
    Yeah I agree. I just checked my photos on the day and the number of photos I took was so pitifully less compared to the one I took at Northside Produce! Pyrmont sure is bigger and so much more to eat! :p

  • At 3/13/2005 8:34 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…


  • At 3/13/2005 8:35 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Great pictures, and the fruit loaf looks really good!

  • At 3/14/2005 6:29 pm, Blogger Fish Fish said…

    Hi AG, I'm interested in the last pic. What is that call? A kind of chilli?

  • At 1/20/2006 12:57 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    It's a Bolivian Rainbow Chilli, they are pretty hot little chilis. I am growing a batch of them in Wollongong at the moment, they make excellent window plants

  • At 2/01/2006 6:45 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi chillisrus - Thanks for letting me know. I would've never been able to guess that one!


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