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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

St Pat's pics

I'm a little behind in uploading my photos from the past week, but here are some pics from Sydney's St Patrick's Day parade.
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posted by Helen (AugustusGloop) on 3/22/2005 10:16:00 pm


  • At 3/23/2005 4:20 am, Blogger Ms One Boobie said…

    Cool pics ..AG,
    Not much of a celebration over here though.. sad huh..???

  • At 3/23/2005 1:24 pm, Blogger Helen (AugustusGloop) said…

    Hi MrsT - What a shame. You could always nip over to Dublin...

    Hi Kisten - No we didn't go to Hyde Park. We actually went straight to the Portuguese Festival in Petersham where there was definitely lots of good food. Photos are coming soon, I promise!

    And no, I didn't get to the Bourdain dinner. I'm not a huge fan of his, not enough to warrant the $160 price tag for 2 (incl copy of Les Halles) anyway.

    Hi Cherry Ripe - Yup he was in town. It was a Gleebooks-sponsored event at Hickson Road Bistro. I went to the similarly-veined Dinner with Stephanie Alexander late last year. Sorry, maybe I should have posted details of it for you all here...

  • At 3/23/2005 3:37 pm, Blogger Helen (AugustusGloop) said…

    Sorry - the comments above to Kirsten and Cherry Ripe are actually in response to the actual St Pat's post here.

  • At 3/24/2005 7:51 am, Blogger Alice said…

    Wow, I didn't realize food blogging was big in Australia too. I found you via flickr. Your photos are gorgeous!

  • At 3/26/2005 2:26 pm, Blogger Helen (AugustusGloop) said…

    Hi Alice - Yup foodbloggers are everywhere. And I can assure you that all Australians definitely look after their stomachs! :-P

    Thanks for the compliments re: my photos. I now have a much great appreciation for food stylists! I still have a ways to go!


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