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Saturday, September 03, 2005

EoMEoTE #10: Silverbeet frittata

Silverbeet Frittata

There is no ham
There is no spam
But there is green
Inside this pan

What is the cause?
It's silverbeet!
Except it's green
It has me beat!

Perpetual spinach
It's called you'll find.
Swiss Chard? Mangold?
Make up your mind!

Enough of that
We must make haste
Deadline is near
No time to waste!

We chop the stems
And fry them fast
Then add the leaves
Give them a blast

Now crack some eggs
And season well
Then beat them--
Yes! you give them hell!

Grate some cheese
Parmesan you might
It melts and gives
A tasty bite!

Eggs, beet and cheese
Mix them together
Then in the pan
Look! Golden treasure!

Now watch that heat
Is that a bubble?
Don't burn it
Or you'll be in trouble!

A plate on top
Now flip that pan
Then slide it right
Back in again!

Cook for a mo'
It won't take long
It's easy, see?
You can't go wrong!

So serve it up
Cut out a wedge
Now how about
A nice sandwich?

Apply some heat
Two bits of bread
It's eggs on toast
Cooksister said!

Now pick it up
Go take a bite
Can you feel your toes
Curl in delight?

This entry's in
This post is done
So thanks Jeanne
For all the fun!

Submitted for the tenth edition of the End of Month Eggs on Toast Extravaganza: Dr Seuss.

Check out Jeanne's wrap-up of all the Dr Seuss-themed entries, coming soon to CookSister!
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