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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Farmers Market, Entertainment Quarter

Michette French bread
Michette loaves of bread from Beb Patisserie

It's been a year since I was last at the Farmers Market in the Entertainment Quarter. Back then it was known as Fox Studios, and it's a term of reference we can't seem to shake the habit of using in our everyday conversations.

We headed to Fox Studios the Entertainment Quarter straight after the Northside Produce Market. It's funny how the clientele seem to vary slightly at each Sydney location. The Good Living Growers Market seems to teem with dogs, prams and rustic wicker shopping baskets. Northside is relaxed and casual with plenty of spritely North Shore locals. And the Farmers Markets at the Entertainment Quarter has strolling couples, families with children and a steady stream of curious wandering passersby.

Everyone, however, is immediately appreciative of the sensory awakening that is triggered by the sights, smells and touch of unpackaged foods. It is such a rare treat to chat to growers and producers, revelling in uninhibited foodie rambling that markets shopping is rarely considered a means (shopping) to an end (groceries). In a time-poor plastic-wrapped fluorescent-lit express-lane urban jungle, the notion of going to the markets is almost as disturbingly exciting as a visit to the zoo.

But enough pessimism, let's move onto the food! =)

baskets of peaches
Baskets of peaches

White nectarines
White nectarines

two loaves of bread
Bread from Formagi Ocello

antipasto stuffed peppers and olives
Delicatessen delights of stuffed peppers and olives


assorted tarts
Lemon tarts, plum tarts and apple crumbles

peach tarts
Peach tarts

green figs
Fresh green figs


French bread baguettes
French baguettes from Beb Patisserie

strawberry tart
Strawberry tart from Beb Patisserie

Farmers Market, Entertainment Quarter
Every Wednesday and Saturday
10am -4pm

Parking is free for the first 2 hours up until 6:00pm.

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