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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Food News

No Soup For You
Soup Plus has closed its doors. For thirty years, Soup Plus was the place to go to for live music and a cheap feed. An anonymous commenter tipped me off to its closure, a passing which does not seem to have received much coverage otherwise. Sad news indeed for a Sydney icon that will be sorely missed.

24-Hour Blogathon to Feed the Hungry
Melbourne foodblogger Lisa, from Lady Lunchalot, is calling on blog readers to support her in her efforts to raise $1,000 for World Vision in Blogathon 2006. From 11pm this Saturday, Lisa will be cooking a marathon of treats for 24 hours, blogging every 30 minutes until 11pm Sunday with updates on her efforts. Her pledges currently stand at $624.40 and you can help her reach her goal by sponsoring her here.

Food Porn Paparazzi
There was a fascinating article published in the Chicago Tribune last week about the increase in restaurant diners who take photos of their food. Hey... they sounds kinda familiar! An interview with Grant Achatz, chef from Alinea provides heartening news for every camera-happy food blogger:

"It's nice people are so excited that they feel the need to take photos of their meals," Achatz said, adding that on any given night, multiple tables are photographing--and even occasionally videotaping--what he sends out to them. "That's a great level of passion and excitement. Those are the people you want at your restaurant."
A full transcript of the article can be read here. It is highly recommended reading. I certainly smiled with gleeful recognition several times! The article has some handy tips on food photography and concludes with a selection of noted food blogs.

Food Blogging Stratosphere
Finally, if there's one foodblogger who I am insanely jealous of, it's Adam from The Amateur Gourmet. Not only does he have a fabulous book publishing deal, but he recently met Pim and lunched with Ruth Reichl as well. Can you say green with envy?
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posted by Anonymous on 7/26/2006 10:29:00 pm


  • At 7/27/2006 10:18 am, Blogger Kelly said…

    I met one of my favourite people in the world at Soup Plus, so it's very sad to hear it's closing! I can't remember what we ate but I do know we shared a carafe of wine - no wonder we got along like a house on fire...

    We've always had trouble remembering the name of the place and used to call it Soups R Us and The Soup Kitchen - I guess it's all academic now.

  • At 7/27/2006 6:16 pm, Blogger thanh7580 said…

    I have to say, I love to photograph my food too. It's just easier when I try to explain to people what dish was so great. Also, it reminds me of how great it was and makes my mouth water.

    I do feel a bit stupid when I take out the camera so generally I will use my phone camera and try and be discreet, but the quality of the pictures just doesn't do the food justice. From now on, I think I will use my camera and not care what people think.


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