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Monday, July 31, 2006

Pier 26, Darling Harbour

ocean trout

Love is dangerous. The more attached you become to something, the greater the risk that one day it will let you down. It may be a petty mistake. A slight transgression. But it causes you to rethink your relationship. Question everything you held true. You ponder. You stress. You fret. You over-analyse.

But then you step back and think over the good times. Put things in perspective. Lighten up a little.

Ahhh Pier 26. We still love you.

mango prawn skewers
BBQ Prawn Skewers $19.50
with mango and green chilli coconut salad and flat bread

There was no major disaster, but as I publish my fifth post on Pier 26, I feel compelled to be more critical of every aspect of our meal. We had made two trips to Pier 26 within 8 days recently (I know, it was a crazy record) when suddenly I noticed that the meals weren’t very big, that the lamb, spinach and mushroom moussaka was disconcertingly greasy, and that the serving of prawn and mango skewers would have barely sustained Kate Moss in her Calvin Klein waif period.

But then we rationalised that the moussaka was a blackboard special, that the prawn skewers were of tasty quality if modest quantity, and that compared to its Cockle Bay neighbours and Harbourside competitors, Pier 26 is still fairly good value for money.

Pan-fried barramundi $22.00
with saffron and parsley risotto, rocket and
semi-dried tomato salad (blackboard special)

Lamb, spinach and mushroom moussaka $16.50
with salad and fries (blackboard special)

The blackboard specials can be a bit hit-and-miss (the barramundi was a hit; its eater just wished there had been more of it) but there are consistent performers in the Pier 26 regular menu: the ocean trout and fish and chips are amongst them.

ocean trout
Ocean trout $20.50
with grilled zucchini, figs, semi-dried romas,
cider and goats cheese dressing

The ocean trout is always cooked to perfection, its seared golden skin as thin and crisp as a delicate wafer. It sits on ribbons of charred zucchini, alongside a grilled halved fig and a sexy pout of goats cheese dressing.

fish and chips
Beer battered flat head $17.00
with chips, tartare sauce and lemon

Fish and chips are similarly swoonworthy. The beer batter is light, airy and almost cloud-like in appearance. The fried is fried to a pale golden brown, in fresh oil which leaves no sticky residue. Chips are crunchy batons, the tartare sauce has the right among of zing.

And sitting on the deck which is perpetually drenched in sunshine, chilled music in the background, and a water view straight ahead, you almost forget you have to get back to work in half an hour, a fleeting moment of bliss that is ultimately priceless.

Pier 26 Bar
Aquarium Wharf, Darling Harbour
Tel: +61 (02) 8270 5126

Open 12pm till late, 7 days

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posted by Anonymous on 7/31/2006 11:59:00 pm


  • At 8/01/2006 2:31 am, Blogger lobstersquad said…

    I´m so jealous of everything you guys write from Sydney. It sounds like a lot of fun. And it´s winter there, which makes me even more jealous right now.

  • At 8/01/2006 9:51 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    This is really really making me so completely insanely obnoxiously HUNGRY!!!!!

  • At 8/01/2006 5:23 pm, Blogger PiCkLeS said…

    Hi Helen,

    I'm so slow at blogging these days I haven't actually posted up my experience at Pier 26. But i went @ night time when it was cold and the place really noisy (meaning we had to shout over each other to be heard). I really think I need to give this place a go during the day.

  • At 8/01/2006 9:34 pm, Blogger thanh7580 said…

    I have to agree with Lobstersquad, I'm also so jealous of the Sydney weather. Its definitely much nicer than in Melbourne where its so cold at the moment.

    The food does look very nice though. Those prawn skewers do look a bit small for nearly $20 in cost.

  • At 8/01/2006 9:40 pm, Blogger Liz :) said…

    Wow! When I was in Syd, I walked in and out of Pier 26 as the menu looked limited - however now I regret it! :) Will have to visit it next time!

    Btw - I have just blogged up the jelly recipe you requested for ages ago - sorry about the delay! :)

  • At 1/22/2008 10:03 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I just been to pier 26 near the sydney Aquarium, However, there don't seem to have any of the menu that you've post!! I am quite dissapointed really. Do you have any idea why? Do they change the menu or management??

  • At 1/25/2008 11:36 pm, Blogger Helen (Grab Your Fork) said…

    Hi DD - I'm not sure. I haven't had a chance to visit Pier 26 lately. Both management and menu changes are quite common - perhaps you could ask them the next time you're there? I'll keep my eyes peeled in the interim. Hope you enjoyed your meal anyway.


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