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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Superbowl Dixon Street, Chinatown, Sydney

beef tripe

There is nothing awful about offal. I love the stuff. It is heaven in a mouthful.

Those who disagree have never had it Asian-style: simmered for hours until the tripe is tender, soft and gelatinous. It is cooked in a rich dark stock, taking on a deep honeyed brown as it slowly soaks up a layered melange of flavours.

Tripe-eating companions are hard to find, so when Saffron said that she was considering ordering the Chiu Chow beef tripe with egg noodles in soup, I looked at her over my menu and broke into a grin.

Super Bowl interior

We were seated inside the Chinatown institution Superbowl on Dixon Street, an eatery renowned for cheap meals, late opening hours and notoriously brusque service. There are always plenty of diners inside though: Chinese students, Caucasian couples, chatty groups of friends, Asian parents with cheeky beaming children.

Sampan congee $7.50
Hong Kong Roadside Popular Congee

I order the Sampan congee to share, knowing full well that the bowl of arriving rice porridge will be as big as a bath-tub. The congee, a watery rice porridge that is the Chinese version of chicken soup (great for when you're sick or under the weather), is filled with a treasure trove of squid, fish, pork intestines and honeycomb tripe. Dry roasted peanuts and delicate ripples of deep-fried wonton skins add crunch; rings of chopped scallion give peppery relief.

Yu tiaou fried bread

We spoon the congee into our individual bowls, seasoning it with a glug of soy sauce and alternating mouthfuls of cleansing congee with bites of chewy yu tiaou, the Chinese deep-fried cruller that is congee's preferred taste-bud dancing partner.

chiu chow beef tripe
Original Chiu Chow Beef Tripe with Egg Noodles in Soup $7.80

The Chiu Chow beef tripe with egg noodles in soup is the winner of the day though. It is, in a word, magnificent. Soft, tender, gelatinous, silky. We dip tripe morsels into the salty chiu chow chilli oil, savouring the tell-tale tingle of chilli on the lips.

The egg noodles are smooth, the vegetables are sweet, the tripe has nuances of star anise and the dish is as comforting as a warm cosy doona.

Winter is here; it's time to snuggle.

Super Bowl on Dixon

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Super Bowl on Urbanspoon

Super Bowl Chinese Restaurant
41 Dixon Street, Chinatown Haymarket, Sydney
Tel: +61 (02) 9281 2462

Open 7 days 8am-2am

Unlicensed BYO, Corkage $2 Person

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posted by Anonymous on 7/20/2006 11:40:00 pm


  • At 7/21/2006 12:34 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi, this comment has nothing to do with your entry, but it does involve food! Though I enjoy some offal myself. There is nothing like a bit of tripe to brighten up your day.

    Your previous entries about high tea at the Swissotel has inspired me to go there for my (very)belated 21st. However, I am not sure if I have to book for a group of 20? Did you have to do so, when you organised the food-bloggers get-together?

  • At 7/21/2006 1:05 am, Blogger Jenny said…

    I need to visit Australia and dine where you dine. We have nothing like this in Ottawa!

  • At 7/21/2006 2:02 am, Blogger Sam said…

    I finally tried tripe last week, Italian style. I am not squeamish about it and I didn't mind the taste, I just want crazy enough about the texture to become a tripe addict.

    The restaurant I tried it at is generally considered the best place to get tripe in SF, so I dont think the preparation was an issue. Apparently they are overrun with older Italians coming in to get their fix of this classic.

  • At 7/21/2006 9:49 am, Blogger Veruca Salt said…

    Why haven't I connected with my inner offal yet?

    Can only manage chicken liver & pate at the mo.

    Only person in family who cannot do pho dac biet. The shame!

  • At 7/21/2006 11:07 am, Blogger Su-Yin -Décorateur said…

    oh mY!!!...it's my favourite chinese restaurant!! Haha, having dinner there can get a lil noisy, cramp and dirty at times as the drowd piles up after 7; but we keep going back anyway! Haha, the best thing there is the pork and century egg congee with you tiaw's...mmm...so good...might go there again tonight! LOL
    btw: Helen, you photography is AMAZING!! never imagined super-bowl's food being presented so well! Great skills! *clapclap*

  • At 7/21/2006 11:08 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Oh man. I need me some congee eating partners. Please!

  • At 7/21/2006 11:48 am, Blogger Julia said…

    I went here Saturday night, been coming for years, it's such a comfort. I had congee (scallop) for the first time and just loved it, it was filled with so many plump, just-cooked scallops - I must ask for peanuts next time.

  • At 7/21/2006 4:00 pm, Blogger papa lazarou said…

    congee/tripe.. and all-time fav. combo enjoyed any time of the day... sometimes go to the other superbowl (one on goulburn) where they usually isnt a queue to get in... tripe lovers should go here for a big whole plate of boiled tripe (the thinner variety), served with soy/oil/shallot/chilli dipping sauce... although i eat it usually weekly, the pics look so damn good !

  • At 7/21/2006 6:31 pm, Blogger Joycelyn said…

    hi helen, awesome to know you're an offal fiend too! there's nothing like honeycomb tripe done cantonese style. super yum - my mouth waters at the thought of that lovely sticky goodness...hmm...

  • At 7/21/2006 7:50 pm, Blogger yewenyi said…

    The congee is execllent, had it a while back with the bread. I have not tried the tripe here, I will have to try it next time.

  • At 7/22/2006 5:29 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    And then there's the pipis with XO sauce!!! Talk about addictive! Also love the 'hor fun'(flat noodles) with beef and bitter gourd. Or sometimes with udon instead. The list goes on ...

  • At 8/30/2006 11:16 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Your page is making me drool... I've never seen such luscious photos of beef tripe and tendon....slurp. Thank you very much for the posting about Superbowl Dixon Street. My only problem now is how to get there from Canada!


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