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Monday, September 25, 2006

Tomodachi, Broadway

chicken katsudon
Chicken katsudon $9.50
Deep-fried chicken with egg and topped with spring onion
Served with steamed rice and miso soup

Tomodachi means friend in Japanese, and so it seemed apt that Saffron and I lunch there the other week.

It helped that we both love all things Japanese. And it definitely helped that our lunch was speedy and most delicious.

Deborah had the chicken katsudon, a cavernous square-shaped melamine bowl in white, filled with rice and topped with eggy pieces of crumbed and deep-fried chicken fillet. To the side was a small dish of pickles. A bowl of miso provided salty refreshment.

tempura lunchbox
Tempura lunch box $12.50
Tempura with salmon sashimi, tuna sushi roll, potato noodles, rice and miso

I couldn't resist the tempura lunch box, a shiny lacqured obento box filled with a treasure trove of tasty mouthfuls. The tempura was light, crisp and fluffy like a good iced tempura batter should be. Hiding underneath the crunchy golden coats were slices of sweet potato, eggplant, a piece of fish, a calamari ring and a sweet and succulent prawn.

Salmon sashimi was fresh and firm, the tuna sushi was tasty, the potato noodles were a little oily but delicious nonetheless. And all this was padded with mouthfuls of rice and sips of cloudy miso.

salmon sashimi
Salmon sashimi

tuna sushi
Tuna sushi

potato noodles
Potato noodles

rice and miso
Rice and miso

tomodachi restaurant

Tomodachi Restaurant
Broadway Shopping Centre
Level 2 Food Court, Broadway Sydney

Tel: +61 (02) 9281 6000

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posted by Anonymous on 9/25/2006 11:59:00 pm


  • At 9/26/2006 7:42 am, Blogger Reb said…

    Looks just as good as ever- what a lovely tasty lunch! This place really does consistently throw good food on the table. Lucky you.

  • At 9/27/2006 10:23 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    hi hi. i came across your blog by accident, while searching for a review on the buffet at sheraton on the park.. and im glad i clicked on the link to your blog! your site is fantastic :) i love my food, love eating out, and hearing your opinion on different places sure helps! happy eating! its good food month soon!

  • At 10/07/2006 10:37 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    suu: hello helen, been visiting your blog and it always makes me hungry!ive been on the look out for good japanese food in sydney but have not been successful, esp in the city. there's another tomodachi in melbourne central which serves pretty tasty fare as well, probably a branch. have you tried sushi-e? if yes, what's your take on the food there?


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