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Monday, December 10, 2007

Menu for Hope 2007: Asia Pacific Prize Round-Up

Asia Pacific prize round-upIt's here. Menu for Hope 4 is kicking off with a bang and Grab Your Fork is pleased to reveal the centralised list of prizes gathered by the Asia Pacific region.

In 2006 food bloggers and their readers raised a phenomenal US$62,925.12 in support of the United Nations World Food Programme. In 2007 we hope to raise even more.

The prizes listed below have all been donated or sourced by foodbloggers across the Asia Pacific region. We encourage you continue this spirit of goodwill by purchasing raffle tickets for the prizes you are interested in.

Here's what you need to do...

  1. Go to the donation page at http://www.firstgiving.com/menuforhope4
  2. Make a donation: each US$10 will give you one raffle ticket toward a prize of your choice. In the 'Personal Message' section in the donation form, please specify which prize or prizes you'd like, using the prize-code and detailing the number of tickets per prize you'd like to purchase. For example, a donation of US$50 can be 2 tickets for AP01 and 3 for AP02
  3. For US donors, if your company has agreed to match your charity donation, please remember to tick the box and fill in the information so we may claim the corporate match.
  4. Please make sure you tick the box to allow us to see your email address so we may contact you if you win. Your email address will not be shared with anyone.
  5. Winners will be announced on Chez Pim in Wednesday January 9, 2008.


Please check quarantine restrictions for your country before bidding on any food products.

The full round-up of prizes worldwide have been published on Chez Pim.

The links to "more info" will be updated to bloggers' specific posts on their individual prizes as they are progressively published.

SYDNEY: A day behind the scenes on a food styling shoot
with Australian Gourmet Traveller
Prize code: AP38

Australian Gourmet Traveller is offering one lucky prize winner the opportunity to spend a day on set as they style and photograph one of their feature articles. This is a fantastic insight into the world of professional food styling and food photography. Please note that the winner must make their own way to the Sydney shoot location, and must be booked in with AGT by June 2008. Photo shoots take place on weekdays so the prize recipient must be flexible in meeting the photography schedule. More info: Morsels and Musings


KUALA LUMPUR: RM500 dining voucher from Elcerdo
Prize code: AP37

Chef Werner returns this year to sponsor yet another RM500 dining voucher at Elcerdo. Elcerdo has since moved to a bigger premises offering nose to tail dining experience. Get piggy with it! More info: Babe in the City - KL


A spot in the Autumn Menu kaiseki cooking class
run by Kei's Kitchen in April 2008 (valued at AU$120)
Prize code: AP36

Join the hands-on kaiseki cooking class at Kei's Kitchen, recently featured on SBS's Food Safari and attended and blogged by Grab Your Fork. Kei's Kitchen is offering a spot on their Autumn menu kaiseki which is usually the most elaborate kaiseki menu of the year. Date will either be April 12 or April 13th 2008. More info: Grab Your Fork


Global 7-piece Synergy knife block set (valued at AU$610)
Prize code: AP35

Described as a blend of Italian design, German durability and Japanese precision, Global knives are a favourite with professional chefs. The Synergy 7-piece set contains: 8cm paring knife, 11cm utility knife, 13cm cooks knife, 14cm vegetable knife, 20cm cooks knife and a 22cm bread knife housed in a stylish knife block. Donated by the kind folk at Kitchen Warehouse. More info: Grab Your Fork

Shipping restrictions: Australia only

SIEM REAP: Wild Jungle Honey Collecting Tour with
Angkor Conservation Centre for Biodiversity Sustainable Bee Program
(valued at US$200)
Prize code: AP34

This is truly a once in a lifetime experience. Trek into the jungle with experienced guides, collect wild honey and taste the magic that is freshly harvested bee pollen. More info: Gut Feelings


Market Tour and Cooking Class with Joannes Riviere,
Khmer food expert and author of
La Cuisine du Cambodge avec les apprentis de Sala Bai (valued at US$200)
Prize code: AP33

Whet your appetite with a Market Tour and Cooking Class with Joannes Riviere, Khmer food expert and author of La Cuisine du Cambodge avec les apprentis de Sala Bai. He knows all the women at the market, speaks fluent Khmer and can teach you how to make a mean samlor machu. More info: Gut Feelings


SIEM REAP: One night accommodation at Be Hotel,
Siem Reap, Cambodia (valued at US$150)
Prize code: AP32

Enjoy one night's accommodation at boutique hotel Be Hotel Angkor, located in the heart of Siem Reap's charming laneway. More info: Gut Feelings


SIEM REAP: One night accommodation in a Deluxe Room at
Hotel De La Paix, Angkor, Siem Reap, Cambodia (valued at US$235)
Prize code: AP31

Bask in luxury at the uber hip hotel Hotel De La Paix in Siem Reap. More info: Gut Feelings


BANGKOK: An eating tour of Bangkok with Austin Bush,
Thai food expert
and Lonely Planet writer, plus a copy of the
latest edition of Lonely Planet Bangkok Guide (valued at US$200)
Prize code: AP30

Austin really knows Thai food. Get the insider's tour of great eats in Bangkok. More info: Gut Feelings


BANGKOK: One night accommodation at Dream Bangkok, Thailand
(valued at US$280+)
Prize code: AP29

Stay five star at Dream Bangkok, a funky fashion hotel admist the bustle of Sukhumvit Road. More info: Gut Feelings


BANGKOK: Dinner for two at Bed Supperclub in Bangkok, Thailand
(valued at 3500 baht)
Prize code: AP28

Experience Bangkok's premier destination restaurant. According to its website: "BED SUPPERCLUB is a 'dining in bed' experience. Best described as a unique combination of upscale restaurant, club, art gallery, theatre and stage merged into one. Housed in a custom-built new building and set in a modern and futuristic all white environment, BED crosses the divide between dining and cutting edge entertainment. In BED you take your shoes off, lay down and you're at home." More info: Gut Feelings


6 bottles of 42 Below Seven Tiki Rum (valued at 6000 baht)
Prize code: AP25

Made in Fiji, Seven Tiki Rum is described as very clean and super-premium. Maytel says it's the perfect partner for delicious mojitos. More info: Gut Feelings

Shipping restrictions: Deliverable to Bangkok only

12 bottles of 42 Below Vodka (valued at 12,000 baht)
Prize code: AP24

There's a bottle of vodka for every month in 2008, and just as well, because we all know vodka goes well with everything! More info: Gut Feelings

Shipping restrictions: Deliverable to Bangkok only

1 bottle of 18-year-old Chivas Regal Scotch Whisky
Gold Signature (valued at US$95)
Prize code: AP23

Connoisseurs will appreicate this superb blend of whiskies matured for at least 18 years. More info: Gut Feelings


All of the advertising on LastAppetite.com
for one month (valued at US$350)
Prize code: AP22

Take advantage of this great opportunity to promote your business on a successful food blog. Formerly of Phnomenon.com (which ended when Phil left Cambodia), Last Appetite was launched in September 2007. This site averages 1900 unique visitors per day, who visit 1.7 pages for a total of 98,000 monthly page views. Its readership is 79% American. Phil will give you free reign over one 336x280 pixel advertisement on the footer of his site for the entire month of February 2008. This is displayed on every page of the site - image, flash or text link - the choice is yours! More info: Last Appetite


MELBOURNE: Special Tuesday night Chef's table
degustation dinner for two people with wine
at Attica, Melbourne
(valued at AU$200, valid Tuesdays only)
Prize code: AP27

Awaken your senses with a Chef's table degustation dinner at Attica, recently elevated to two-hat status by the Age Good Food Guide. The innovative menu is always changing, with an emphasis on seasonal produce and artisanal suppliers. More info: Tomato


Jar of homemade chocolate chip cookies
Prize code: AP26

Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? There'll be plenty of culprits around this 1.8 litre Forvar glass jar from Ikea which will be chock-full of various homemade chocolate chip cookies. Babe_kl's choc-chip range includes variants of hazelnut, walnut, almonds and even Toblerone. Get your big glass of milk ready now! More info: Babe in the City - KL

Shipping restrictions: Winner must pick up prize from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


KUALA LUMPUR: 10 dinner set vouchers at Zuup Soup Bar
1 Utama Shopping Centre,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (valued at RM180)
Prize code: AP21

Take all your friends or reserve these 10 dinner set vouchers all for yourself. Zuup Soup Bar serves more than just soup - they also offer pasta, fried rice and noodles plus a great range of drinks and desserts. Whilst you're waiting for your meal, why not have a go on their complimentary PS2 consoles? Fun for everyone! More info: Babe in the City - KL


Cocoa, vanilla bean and porcini risotto pack
(valued at AU$80)
Prize code: AP20

You could certainly try making a sweet risotto with this exotic cooking pack but perhaps you'd prefer to use these three gourmet products separately! Included in this delightful package is a 250g box of Valrhona 55% cocoa powder, 200gm of organic porcini risotto and a dozen aromatic vanilla pods. Think of all the baking treats you could master with these! More info: Imbi n Itchy


Logo design and development by a
professional graphic designer (valued at AU$500)
Prize code: AP19

Invigorate your blog or business with a professionally designed logo, a crucial element in representing your brand. A good logo embodies your values, attitudes and style, and once created can be easily extended into your business card, letterhead, website, packaging, signage etc. Lisa will work closely with the winner to develop a logo and identity that will make you stand out from the crowd. More info: Spicy Icecream


VICTORIA: Weekend stay at a holiday house in Dromana
on the Mornington Peninsula, VIC, Aust (valued at AU$500)
Prize code: AP18

Who doesn't crave a mini-break? Blogger Purple Goddess has kindly offered a two-night stay at her cute weekender in Dorama on the Mornington Peninsula. Only a short stroll to the beach and cafes and a 10 minutes drive to funky Sorrento and Portsea. Take a lazy drive into the hinterland and check out the local wineries, cheesemakers and markets. The best thing? The backyard has its own outdoor pizza oven! How can you possibly resist? More info: A Goddess in the Kitchen


The entire range of handmade shortbreads from
The Biscuit Tree (valued at AU$42)
Prize code: AP17

Let the buttery crumbs of these exquisite handmade shortbreads accompany your next cup of tea with this sweet and tasty prize. You will receive the entire range of flavours that includes chocolate chip; cranberry and pistachio; ginger; macadamia; traditional Scottish; and white chocolate and cranberry. All shortbreads are handmade and free from any artificial flavourings or preservatives. The Biscuit Tree is a mum and daughter team that includes our very own Sydney foodblogger, Chocolatesuze. Prize comprises 6 x 150g shortbread packs. More info: Chocolatesuze

Shipping restrictions: Free delivery to Australia-only. International delivery can be arranged but must be paid for.

Nine bottles of chemical-free stout
made at Barleycorn Brewers in Melbourne

Prize code: AP16

Sit back and relax with nine cold bottles of handmade stout made with love by Ed and a couple of mates at Barleycorn Brewers in Melbourne. Ed says "the yeast is stripped and the bubbles have been injected back into this dark chocolate brew". More info: Tomato


MELBOURNE: Review dinner with Stephen Downes,
one of Australia's most experienced restaurant critics
Prize code: AP15

Accompany Stephen Downes on a review dinner for The Herald Sun, Melbourne. Stephen has over 30 years experience in restaurant reviewing and is never afraid to be brutally honest in his critiques. This is your chance to see what it's really like to work as a professional restaurant reviewer. More info: Tomato


KUALA LUMPUR: A day behind-the-scenes with
cake and gateaux company
Big Boys Oven & Kitchen,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Prize code: AP14

Spend a day recipe testing (and tasting!) with Chef Sunny Yaw and Chef Steven Cheng from Big Boys Oven & Kitchen. This is a great opportunity to learn the tips and techniques of cake baking and decorating from gateaux chef Sunny, who has 15 years experience and is renowned for his delectable macarons! You will also spend time with Steve, a professional chef with 30 years experience in Chinese cuisine, and the owner of two restaurants. More info: Big Boys Oven


MELBOURNE: Degustation dinner for two with matching wines
at Interlude, Melbourne (valued at $AU400)
Prize code: AP13

Embark on an 11-course journey of discovery that brings innovative twists to modern French cuisine. Winners will enjoy the intermediate degustation menu. Please note this voucher is not valid for use on Saturday evenings. Check out the wonderful post by last year's winner, Ana, to see what you, too, could be feasting on. More info: At My Table


AU$100 gift voucher from the Prince Wine Store
Prize code: AP12

Your chance to expand your wine cellar with your choice from a comprehensive array of local and imported offerings at one of the more serious wine shops in Victoria, Australia. Delivery is available around the world, and their imported wine list is second to none. More info: At My Table

Shipping restrictions: Can be sent anywhere but delivery fees must be paid for.

6-week online diet makeover (valued at AU$295)
Prize code: AP11

Kickstart a new healthy you for 2008 with a six week online overhaul with Kathryn, a practising nutritionist. Your diet plan will include: a detailed diet assessment; an easy-to-follow, individualised nutrition plan, tailored to you and your lifestyle; advice and guidance on how to eat to lose weight and feel wonderful; the comfort of working with a practising nutritionist. Consultations will be through a combination of email, IM and telephone conversations - so this prize is available to everyone, no matter where you live. More info: Limes & Lycopene


Gourmet chef's hamper from Kochi, Japan
Prize Code: AP10

Have Japan come to you with this chef's package containing:
  • 1 x jar of Yuzu Miso (a citrus flavoured fermented soybean paste perfect for marinades or dressings)
  • 1 x tube of Yuzu Kosho (green chilli paste flavoured with yuzu citrus zest);
  • 1 x pkg Kanbaiko (special rice flour for making Japanese sugar cakes called rakugan);
  • 1 x pkg Wasanbon sugar (for making rakugan); and
  • 2 x ceramic Rakugan Molds in the shape of a plum blossom and maple leaf.
More info: Obachan's Kitchen & Balcony Garden


500g of organic white peppercorns homegrown by Granny
Prize Code: AP09

Marvel in the pure unadulturated taste of fresh organic white peppercorns grown by Wena's very own Granny in her back garden! No pesticides, no fertilisers and Wena also says the taste is so much mellower than commercial varieties which are often soaked in dried chilli water. More info: Mum-Mum


One-year subscription to Vogue Entertaining & Travel
(valued at AU$53.70)

Prize Code: AP08

Glossy pages, delicious recipes and gorgeous armchair travel photos - what more could you ask for? Look forward to receiving your very own copy of Vogue Entertaining & Travel delivered direct to your mailbox every two months for your next year. Bliss! More info: Food Lovers' Journey

Shipping restrictions: This subscription package is for Australia only.

A bag of the world's hottest chillies, homegrown in Nagaland, India
Prize Code: AP07

These chillies (known as Raja chile in Nagaland, or bhut jolokia in neighboring Assam state) made the Guinness Book this year as the spiciest peppers in the world, at more than a million Scoville Heat Units. Karen obtained these precious chillies straight from the farmer, 50-year-old Kevisienuo, who insisted on donating these as a prize once she heard about Menu for Hope. Kevisienuou grew these in her field and dried them over her kitchen fire, infusing these unique peppers with a smoky sweetness. Karen reports: she said it was a blessing for her to be able to offer this gift. More info: Rambling Spoon


Cookbook set: "Sharing Plates" by Jared Ingersoll and
"A Year in My Kitchen" by Skye Gyngell (valued at AU$85)

Prize Code: AP06

These two cookbooks are Jules' favourites from 2007. Jared Ingersoll, chef and owner of popular Sydney cafe Danks Street Depot, will tempt your palate in "Sharing Plates", showing how to make the best of seasonal produce. The seasononal theme is continued by Skye Gyngell in "A Year in My Kitchen". This Australian-born chef is cooking to critical acclaim at Petersham Nursery in London, using products that are grown in the nursery next door. More info: Stone Soup


Nigella Lawson Kitchen Utensils set in cream worth AU$160
Prize Code: AP05

Be a domestic goddess in your kitchen with this set of cream coloured steel utensils with vitreous enamel finish. Contains serving spoon, pasta claw, 100ml small soup ladle, 250ml large soup ladle, skimmer and slotted spoon. More info: Not Quite Nigella

Shipping restrictions: Australia only due to package weight

6kg box of Gourmet Terra Rossa Beef Burgers (valued at AU$60)
Prize Code: AP04

Sink your teeth into 100 prime patties of Terra Rossa beef, sourced from cattle raised on the unique soils of the Coonawarra district. This award winning beef has won numerous awards around Australia and is described as "Full in flavour, succulent and incomparably tender". More info: The Foodologist

Shipping restrictions: Free delivery to SA metropolitan area only. Interstate delivery can be arranged but must be paid for.

6kg box of Gourmet Terra Rossa Beef Burgers (valued at AU$60)
Prize Code: AP03

Sink your teeth into 100 prime patties of Terra Rossa beef, sourced from cattle raised on the unique soils of the Coonawarra district. This award winning beef has won numerous awards around Australia and is described as "Full in flavour, succulent and incomparably tender". More info: The Foodologist

Shipping restrictions: Free delivery to SA metropolitan area only. Interstate delivery can be arranged but must be paid for.

SYDNEY: $300 dining voucher to Perama
Prize Code: AP02

Enjoy the various courses of Greek through the ages at Perama, once again a SMH One-Hat restaurant. Journey from ancient Greece to the moorish flavours of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empire, and don't leave without trying their caramel baklava ice cream or olive oil ice cream. More info: Grab Your Fork


SYDNEY: $200 dinner voucher for two people to Ocean Room
Prize Code: AP01

Feast on modern coastal cuisine with Japanese and Mediterranean influences at Ocean Room whilst your eyes drink in the gorgeous views of the Sydney Opera House. Head chef Raita Noda insists on using only the freshest seafood - check out his amazing wall of fish tanks too! More info: Grab Your Fork


Chez Pim will be publishing an entire list of prizes offered around the world. You can bid on prizes outside of your region - just check any shipping conditions put in place by the donater.

If you would like to offer a last-minute prize, please email me a prize description, approx prize value and a 250pixel x 250pixel photo. Send this to grabyourfork[at]yahoo[dot]com[dot]au and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
Prize submissions have now closed.

Raffle tickets can be purchased from Dec 10-21, 2007 Pacific-Standard Time. Please refer to the instructions at the top of this post for purchase instructions.

Winners will be drawn and published on Chez Pim on Wednesday January 9, 2008.


Do you have enough food on the table?

Spare some change for those who don't.

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