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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Christmas presents for New Year intentions

Is someone trying to tell me something?

In the lead-up to Christmas I received not one, not two, but three surprise packages in the post. First came an elegant black box showcasing half-a-dozen bottles of Vitamin Water. Trumpeting promises of "energy", "revive" and "triple-x", these sturdy bottles of flavoured water contain all manner of vitamins but "no juice", according to the disclaimer on the front.

Five bottles of POM pomegranate juice arrived not long after. Their distinctive shaped bottles made them easy to spot at least twice in Nigella's fridge during current episodes of Nigella Express (she used pomegranate juice instead of balsamic vinegar in her version of the macerated strawberries, meringue and cream dessert Eton Mess).

And then came a gift pack from the people at Metamucil, a package that contained not only Fibresure but a surprise inclusion of a Donna Hay cupcake kit and a 12-cup muffin tin. I admit, I've always been a little nervous about products like Metamucil but the powder really is tasteless and dissolvable in water. Perhaps the trick is to make hi-fibre cupcakes for the kids. Just make sure the kids don't get their hands on it for dubious intentions!

In any case, I've got vitamins, anti-oxidants and plenty of fibre. Who said that keeping those New Year resolutions wasn't going to be easy?
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posted by Helen (Grab Your Fork) on 1/03/2009 02:07:00 am


  • At 1/03/2009 2:41 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I had a Vitamin Water at a conference once, some kind of zinc filled lemonade. If I'm not mistaken zinc is supposed to prevent colds, cruel irony is that a few hours later I came down with a cold! I'll blame the conference.

  • At 1/03/2009 9:40 am, Blogger Kt said…

    "Vitamin Water" cracks me up.
    5-7% sugar!
    The marketing is super-clever, with the medicinal-style labelling and the appealing colours (they do look great when back-lit in a shop fridge), but they taste as sickly-sweet as strong cordiai - I can't believe people buy the stuff more than once.

  • At 1/03/2009 9:57 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Lucky you! I wouldn't have minded these pressies either. :) I got the Donna Hay pack too as a birthday present (xmas eve baby :\) and have yet to try it out! Did you get the lemon and coconut flavour too?

  • At 1/03/2009 10:38 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Haha cool, I was lucky to receive these 3 gifts too :) I was so excited to get all of them. We drank all of the Vitamin water on our drive up to the Blue Mountains for Christmas, used the POM Wonderful and the glasses and shaker for NYE and the Metamucil was as you said flavourless and dissolved easily! I loved the idea that you can cook with it and the cupcake tray and kit had me squealing with joy!

  • At 1/03/2009 9:25 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    cool gifts, i love metamucil drinking it for so long.. cuz i dont eat much veg..never tried fibresure

    Mrs Ed --> Mr Ed posted that.. hehe

  • At 1/03/2009 11:23 pm, Blogger pollymorph said…

    Someone might have invented a version of Eton Mess that contains balsamic vinegar, but the traditional recipe is just strawberries, meringues and cream.

  • At 1/04/2009 12:47 am, Blogger Helen (Grab Your Fork) said…

    Hi Angeline - lol. I think that conferences are just breeding grounds for flu germs. That and aeroplanes!

    Hi Kt - I found they did taste like cordial. It's an interesting shift seeing flavoured waters get greater market share at the expense of carbonated soft drinks.

    Hi Min Ai - I received the vanilla cupcake kit, although coincedentally I also received the chocolate cupcake kit as a Xmas pressie too!

    Hi Lorraine - It did feel like Xmas had come early when I received all these packages. I didn't get POM glasses or the shaker though - you must've got the vip package :) Cooking with Metamucil is an interesting idea and I'm keen to try the cupcake kits.

    Hi Kay - I didn't know you used Metamucil?! Veggies are good for you, don't you know? :) And lol at Mr Ed!

    Hi Pollymorph - I keep saying I'll make Eton Mess one day but somehow I never get around to doing it. It seems like macerated strawberies are all the rage these days. I do like eating them with balsamic now - they do seem to taste sweeter and stronger in flavour.

  • At 1/05/2009 2:12 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    How cruel, I hope you do not bake the metamucil into the cupcakes. I will have to warn master 4 of your evil plan.

  • At 1/05/2009 11:27 pm, Blogger Helen (Grab Your Fork) said…

    Hi Veruca Salt - lol. I think Master Four is regular enough :) I wouldn't be so cruel... would I? haha

  • At 1/16/2009 9:29 am, Blogger Kt said…

    Interesting news item in the Herald today.

  • At 1/17/2009 12:53 am, Blogger Helen (Grab Your Fork) said…

    Hi Kt - Interesting indeed! Will be curious to see how the case pans out.


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