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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Brighton the Corner and The Pig and Pastry, Petersham

House made crumpets with caramelised pear and local Dulwich Hill honey at Brighton the Corner, Petersham

There are supermarket crumpets. And then there are homemade crumpets. They're about as different as chalk and cheese. If you've only ever known supermarket crumpets -- soft and flabby in the packet and kinda doughy unless you toast them extra long -- your life is about to change. For good.

Because homemade crumpets are a completely different experience. They're fluffy, tall and toothsome, like an English muffin crossed with sourdough. Even better news? You can get them at Brighton the Corner in Petersham - because if anything trumps homemade, it's getting someone else to make them for you.

Brighton the Corner, Petersham
Brighton the Corner on the corner of Brighton Street and Palace Street

I used to go to school in Petersham and the steep stretch that is Palace Street was a regular climb each morning. Back then, there were no coffee shops along this strip. Brighton the Corner was a corner shop, dark and dim but still holding allure with its freezer filled with chocolate and rainbow Paddlepops. Now it's a bright and airy space filled with locals: couples, young families and groups of friends clustered in corners or gathered around the communal table in the middle.

Flat white coffee and watermelon and basil house made soda at Brighton the Corner, Petersham
Flat white $3.50 and watermelon and basil house made soda $4.50

The breakfast menu runs all day with additional lunch menu items (a Smokehouse beef burger, three kinds of sandwiches and a roast cauliflower salad) kicking in from midday. There's an impressive selection of drinks too, including three kinds of house made sodas. The watermelon and basil soda is perhaps a little muted but the combination offers welcome early morning refreshment. They also do lemon thyme and apple ginger sodas plus a range of Tippity teas.

Babyccino at Brighton the Corner, Petersham

The cafe is reasonably busy by 10am but even then, we weren't expecting our coffees and drinks to take 20 minutes to arrive. We feel for the kitchen, a tiny allocation of space with just two chefs manning a barrage of dockets, but we're definitely ready for food by the time our meals arrive, about 45 minutes after ordering.

Morcilla and butifarra sausages with white and black beans at Brighton the Corner, Petersham
Sausage and beans $17
Morcilla, butifarra, white and black beans, two fried eggs and green tomato salsa

Sausage and beans is probably the heartiest item on the menu, a South American fiesta of morcilla blood sausage, butifarra Catalan sausage, two fried eggs and an avalanche of white and black beans.

Hot smoked salmon with pickled radish at Brighton the Corner, Petersham
Hot-smoked salmon with pickled radish, fennel, peas, quinoa and poached egg $17

A little lighter on the stomach is the hot-smoked salmon, hidden within a tangled garden of watercress, fennel ribbons, pickled radish and peas.

Braised brisket with potato hash at Brighton the Corner, Petersham
Braised brisket with potato hash, mojo verde, poached egg and onion rings $17

If you're looking for an excuse for fried, the braised brisket is for you. It's covered with a golden plank of hash brown and three fat onion rings sheathed in crunchy batter. There's a little zing from the drizzle of mojo verde and the poached egg yields a perfectly runny yolk that oozes languidly over everything.

House made crumpets with caramelised pear and local Dulwich Hill honey at Brighton the Corner, Petersham
House made crumpets with caramelised pear and Dulwich Hill honey butter $14

But whatever you do, make sure you order the house made crumpets. They often sell out, so order them when you sit down, not a minute later.

The crumpets might be small in diameter but they more than make up for it in taste. Their toasted surface gives way to a dense but pillowy core, still riddled with familiar plunging tunnels that soak up lashing of honey butter. The honey comes from urban beehives down the road in Dulwich Hill. Hunks of caramelised pear will give you all the vitamins you need for a healthy start.

The Pig and Pastry

Cheesecake with lavender and honey at The Pig and Pastry, Petersham
Cheesecake with lavender and honey $5.50

The Pig and Pastry sits on the other side of the Petersham Park, only a stone's throw from Parramatta Road, but blissfully quiet of traffic noise. It's a seven minute walk from Brighton the Corner, and the well-equipped playground provides a handy pit stop for kids big and small. Cricket buffs will know that the cricket oval -- ringed with a picturesque white picket fence -- is where Don Bradman made his first class debut.

By time you've had a go on the swings and the roundabout, you'll definitely have worked up an appetite for dessert.

Meringues at The Pig and Pastry, Petersham
Meringues $4

There's a lovely old-fashioned feel to the display cabinet here, heaving with housemade sweets presented on mismatched vintage crockery. It's like you've just stumbled into a Country Women's Association fete. We spend several minutes with our noses pressed up against the glass trying to make a decision.

Gluten-free pistachio brownie at The Pig and Pastry, Petersham
Gluten-free pistachio brownie $4.50

There are giant chocolate chip cookies with sea salt the size of your palm, clouds of meringue and miniature turrets of carrot cake that look far too cute to be eaten.

Mini carrot cakes at The Pig and Pastry, Petersham
Mini carrot cakes $4.50

Gingerbread milkshake and lavender lemonade at The Pig and Pastry, Petersham
Gingerbread milkshake $6.50 and housemade lavender lemonade $4

And then there's the gingerbread milkshake. It's a genius idea that's executed with aplomb, gutsy with cinnamon, cloves and allspice that feels like Christmas and hugs from grandma all at once. House made sodas are all the rage these days too. We're relieved to find the lavender lemonade has only a gentle hit of lavender, presented in a glass jar with a paper straw for maximum hipster appeal.

Strawberries and cream brioche cake at The Pig and Pastry, Petersham
Strawberries and cream brioche cake $4.50

While I'm almost tempted by the Pig and Pastry beef burger with triple cooked chips ($15.50) and the pork and apple sausage roll ($6), we stick with desserts.

Cheesecake with lavender and honey at The Pig and Pastry, Petersham
Cheesecake with lavender and honey $5.50

Between us we order a host of treats, from the old-fashioned simplicity of a strawberry brioche cake with a side dollop of cream to the elegant lavender and honey cheesecake graced with an undulating cats tongue biscuit.

Chocolate coffee cake at The Pig and Pastry, Petersham
Chocolate coffee cake $5.50

The chocolate coffee cake is a wedge of spoon-sinking comfort, garnished with cream and glistening glace cherries.

Lemon drizzle cake at The Pig and Pastry, Petersham
Lemon drizzle cake $4.50

The lemon drizzle cake is the surprise winner though, the syrup-soaked hunk deliciously chewy and caramelised at the edges.

If you needed more incentive to visit, The Pig and Pastry is celebrating its first birthday this Saturday 26th July. They'll have a kindifarm (10am - 12pm), face painting, balloons, mulled wine and... a pig on a spit! Whaddya waiting for?

EDIT: The Pig and Pastry birthday party has been rescheduled to Sunday 27 July. Details.

The Pig and Pastry, Petersham

The Pig & Pastry on Urbanspoon

The Pig and Pastry
1 Station Street, Petersham, Sydney
Tel: +61 (02) 9568 4644

Opening hours:
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 7.30am - 4pm
Saturday and Sunday 8am - 4pm
Closed Tuesdays

Brighton the Corner on Urbanspoon

Brighton the Corner [facebook page]
49 Palace Street, Petersham, Sydney
Tel: +61 (02) 9572 6097

Opening hours:
Tuesday to Friday 7am - 4pm
Saturday and Sunday 8am - 4pm
Closed Mondays

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posted by Helen (Grab Your Fork) on 7/23/2014 11:14:00 pm


  • At 7/24/2014 1:19 am, Anonymous Padaek said…

    Both places look great! Mulled wine and a pig on a spit does sound very tempting. That hot-smoked salmon with watercress, etc looks delicious. Was this visit quite recent? I've been looking for watercress everywhere to no avail. How awesome are those cake display s&p shaker card holder things? Great post Helen! :)

  • At 7/24/2014 6:24 am, Anonymous ChopinandMysaucepan said…

    Dear Helen,

    The food at Brighton the corner reminds me of Excelsior Jones - hash, stewed meat, smoked salmon in a bowl and topped with poached egg.

  • At 7/24/2014 8:02 am, Anonymous Bianca@forfoodssake said…

    The braised brisket and the crumpets look soooo good. I've not been to either but the cakes at 'The Pig and the Pastry' look really good.

  • At 7/24/2014 8:59 am, Blogger Cassie | Journey From Within said…

    I know what I want when I go Brighton!
    The beef brisket and well, can't miss the crumpets right? :D
    But woah, a 45 minute wait... is there also a wait on tables??
    AND that gingerbread milkshake, say whaaaat????

  • At 7/24/2014 9:11 am, Anonymous Rachel said…

    Oh lordy you have a lovely life... i want that lemon cake!!! :)

  • At 7/24/2014 9:27 am, Anonymous Hannah said…


    lavender desserts, lemon desserts, and cheesecake are three of my favourite thingsssss

  • At 7/24/2014 9:41 am, Blogger gaby @ lateraleating said…

    Good to see the Inner West trendy cafe area is expanding. I probably would have gone more pig and less pastry than you guys :)

  • At 7/24/2014 12:27 pm, Blogger Ramen Raff said…

    These are two reasons why I heart Petersham!!! Love them crumpets at Brighton The corner and P&P breakfast dishes are amazing!

  • At 7/24/2014 12:35 pm, Anonymous Alana said…

    Heck yeah, all my love to these places and your pics! You’ve captured the honest and homely nature of the P+P so well. Move aside Surry, I think Petersham is the new home of the best cafes in Sydney.

  • At 7/24/2014 2:07 pm, Anonymous Gourmet Getaways said…

    LOL on the chalk-and-cheese analogy :)..I'll take your word in ordering those crumpets fast. They MUST be that good!

    Gourmet Getaways

  • At 7/24/2014 8:32 pm, Anonymous Tania@my kitchen stories.com.au said…

    God you've done just what i wanted to do a couple of week ends ago but couldn't talk my nonblogging not so food obsessed friend into doing. Love your words so easy to read

  • At 7/24/2014 8:45 pm, Anonymous john | heneedsfood said…

    Wow. Go Petersham! I wish I had these two places closer to my house. What a feast.

  • At 7/24/2014 8:55 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Both of these cafes are on my wish list!! But 45 mins is a long wait for food..

  • At 7/25/2014 1:20 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Omg the gingerbread milkshake sounds perfect and with Xmas just around the corner, even better :D

  • At 7/25/2014 3:58 pm, Blogger Unknown said…

    I love the inner west! There are so many wonderful gems popping up in the suburbs, it's no longer about a trek elsewhere to find something good to eat, it's often in your own backyard. Both cafés are on my next weekend brunch visit!!! Thanks :)

  • At 7/26/2014 8:19 am, Anonymous Cindy (a foodie's joy) said…

    My eyes just kept going to those lovely cakes at P & P!

  • At 7/26/2014 12:09 pm, Blogger Von said…

    My friend used to go to school at Petersham too, and she told me how terrible the walk was between school and the station, especially when she needed to run because the timing of trains and the end of school were so close haha.....I've never been a fan of crumpets, because I've only ever tried supermarket ones but homemade ones sound so much better! Definitely need to give it a try ;)

  • At 7/26/2014 11:34 pm, Blogger Sherrie @ Crystal Noir said…

    The desserts look way too delicious for words! How can I avoid sweets when they look like that :P

  • At 7/27/2014 9:19 am, Anonymous Michael @ I'm Still Hungry said…

    Apparently, Brighton the Corner does cruffins? Have you seen any?

  • At 7/27/2014 1:09 pm, Blogger Sarah said…

    Wow, both places look great, but I'm most intrigued by those cakes at The Pig and Pastry. They look so homemade and creative! :)

    xox Sarah

  • At 7/27/2014 8:20 pm, Blogger irene said…

    I can't pick which one looks better.. Oh well, I'll just have to go to both then! :)

  • At 7/27/2014 9:00 pm, Blogger Unknown said…

    whoa love the presentation of that cheesecake from the pig and pastry!

  • At 7/27/2014 10:49 pm, Blogger Vivian - vxdollface said…

    I love going to P&P :D it's such a happy cafe with all the brightly coloured flowers they keep on the tables. Plus their bacon is a killer, best I've had! Need to check out Brighton on the corner sometime for their crumpets ^^

  • At 7/27/2014 11:34 pm, Blogger Annie said…

    heard about the lengthy wait time for food at Brighton the Corner but still keen to try every single one of those dishes especially the braised brisket with potato hash and the crumpets

  • At 7/28/2014 8:28 pm, Anonymous Martine @ Chompchomp said…

    As I read about your amazing looking crumpets I thought to myself "ho hum...another delicious food that isn't gluten free so I will never enjoy" ...... and then I saw those gluten free pistachio brownies!!!!! They beat crumpets any day!

  • At 7/29/2014 9:25 am, Blogger Jacq said…

    I've never been a real fan of store bought crumpets but I'm willing to give these home made versions a go. The Pig and Pastry looks like it has a pretty awesome cake selection!

  • At 7/29/2014 10:45 am, Anonymous Amanda @ Gourmanda said…

    Those Pig and Pastry desserts look absolutely heavenly - the homely "EAT ME NOW" type that you can really get stuck into!

  • At 7/29/2014 10:52 pm, Anonymous Leona @ sprinklemyday.com said…

    omg those crumpets and cakes look sooo gooooddd!! so wanna eat my screen right now... >_< gonna have to make a visit to brighton on the corner

  • At 8/04/2014 11:26 pm, Blogger Helen (Grab Your Fork) said…

    Hi Padaek - This was about three weeks beforehand, just before the Pig & Pastry closed for holiday. I waited to publish until they opened again :)

    Hi ChopinandMysaucepan - Haha that thought did cross my mind when I had that dish too!

    Hi Cassie - Depends on when you go. We arrived at 9.50am and got one of the last tables. After that there seemed to be a short wait.

    Hi Alana - I can't get over how much Petersham is changing. Also Marrickville!

    Hi Tania - Thanks so much for your lovely words. And awww I tend to hang out with fellow enablers. Good but also dangerous. lol!

    Hi Michael - We knew we were going to P&P for dessert so I didn't pay too much attention to the dessert counter that day. Sorry! Otherwise you can always give them a call?

  • At 8/05/2014 6:54 pm, Anonymous Lee Tran Lam said…

    Love that description of the gingerbread milkshake and how it feels like Christmas and hugs from grandma! Been wondering what Pig & Pastry is like, so thanks for this great excursion through the cafe. That drink is definitely at the top of the order list!


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