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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Thirsty Bird Southern fried chicken, Potts Point

Southern fried chicken at Thirsty Bird, Potts Point

First there was Mr Crackles. Now we have Thirsty Bird. The folks behind Mr Crackles have expanded to a second outlet, moving their attention from (predominantly) pork to chicken. It's no surprise that their obsession with crunch - have you had their incredible crackling roast pork rolls? - has translated to poultry's version of crack: Southern fried chicken.

Queue at Thirsty Bird, Potts Point
Thirsty Bird at Potts Point

Thirsty Bird quietly opened five weeks ago in Potts Point, down at the station end of Bayswater Road. Word is they'd searched for a site in the city for a year with no luck until this one became available. It's a prime location for what they do, offering a hearty but tasty meal to the hordes of foot traffic, especially late at night - they're open until 3am on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Fried chicken, burgers and sides menu at Thirsty Bird, Potts Point
Thirsty Bird menu

The short but sweet menu is all about the chicken. Get it fried on the bone Southern-style or go for the Buffalo wings drenched in hot sauce or BBQ sauce. Four burgers alternate between grilled, crumbed or fried chicken fillings.

Order and pay at the counter and hover on the footpath until you hear your number called. The shopfront is even smaller than Mr Crackles with only five stools available to perch on inside. We're not sure if they're planning on replacing their stools but currently they're at an uncomfortably low height for the table, making you feel like you're a four year old in need of a high chair.

Southern fried chicken at Thirsty Bird, Potts Point
8 pieces Southern fried chicken with ranch and roast chilli sauces $25

Wait times for food can vary, but it does mean your fried chicken order is guaranteed fresh from the fryer. The 8-piece box is impressive value at $25, especially when it includes two tubs of sauce and a handful of pickles.

Southern fried chicken at Thirsty Bird, Potts Point
Southern fried chicken batter

The batter isn't as thick and heavy as other joints, but the chicken itself is succulent and juicy. It reminds me of homemade fried chicken, not over-the-top crunchy but its thinner batter means you can keep on ploughing through.

Katsu burger at Thirsty Bird, Potts Point
Katsu burger $10

The katsu burger is a surprise hit, a flattened chicken thigh fillet coated in crumbs and deep-fried. The fillet is super tender, sandwiched by a super soft torpedo roll. Shredded cabbage counters the richness of the chicken, and squiggles of mayonnaise and fruity tonkatsu sauce add sufficient lubrication.

Mash, gravy and chicken crackle at Thirsty Bird, Potts Point
Mash, gravy and chicken crackle $5

We skip the waffle fries and choose the mash and gravy instead, lured mostly by the promise of chicken crackle. It's a shame the curls of chicken crackling get soggy so quickly, but otherwise it's practically a meal in a tub. Smooth and buttery mashed potato is drenched in a lake of chicken gravy.

Mac 'n' cheese with bacon at Thirsty Bird, Potts Point
Mac 'n' cheese with bacon $5

We finish up with a side of mac 'n' cheese, the cheesy pasta mixed in with occasional shards of crispy bacon. It's a perfect Southern accompaniment. All we need now is a couple of cornbread muffins and some corn cobs and we'll be set.

Thirsty Bird, Potts Point

Thirsty Bird Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Thirsty Bird
Shop 3, 2-14 Bayswater Road, Potts Point, Sydney
Tel: +61 (02) 8937 4672

Opening hours: 
Tuesday to Thursday 5.30pm-11pm 
Friday and Saturday 5.30pm-3am
Sunday 5.30pm-11pm

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