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Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Yiro Yiro, Belmore

Pork yiro, mixed yiro plate and haloumi fries at Yiro Yiro Greek kebab shop in Belmore

If cheese is your kryptonite, wait until you discover haloumi fries. Say what? You heard us. We’re talking thick cut batons of haloumi cheese deep-fried until golden brown. Where can you get it? Head to Yiro Yiro, yeeros shop and cheese lover’s dream house.

Haloumi fries at Yiro Yiro Greek kebab shop in Belmore
Haloumi fries $9

You can also get the haloumi plate and savour a squeak-fest of pan-fried cheese. Add a squeeze of fresh lemon for maximum zing. Need more cheese? Get the hot chips with feta. That’s a pile of chips with a blizzard of crumbled feta for that extra salty hit. Even the hot food cabinet is likely to hold a cheese pie or two.

Pork yiro, mixed yeeros plate and haloumi fries at Yiro Yiro Greek kebab shop in Belmore
Pork belly yiro, lamb yiro plate and haloumi fries 

Pork belly yeeros at Yiro Yiro Greek kebab shop in Belmore
Pork belly yiro $12

Meat-lovers don’t need to worry. Take your pick from pork belly, chicken or lamb carved straight off the spit. The pork belly is our favourite but the chicken and lamb are no runners up. Go for the portable option, wrapped up in rounds of soft pita bread with salad and a fistful of chips, or make it a meal by ordering the plate. Basically it’s a deconstructed yiro, letting you eat your meat, chips, pita, tzatziki and Greek salad in whatever order, and combination, you like.

Mixed yeeros plate, haloumi fries, pork belly yeeros and pita bread at Yiro Yiro Greek kebab shop in Belmore
Mixed yiro plate, haloumi fries, pork belly yiro and pita bread

Pork belly, chicken and lamb yeeros at Yiro Yiro Greek kebab shop in Belmore
Mixed yiro plate $35
Pork belly, chicken, lamb, tzatziki, Greek salad, chips and two pita breads

Can’t decide on which protein? The mixed yiro plate lets you try all three. It’s recommended to share between two people but they must mean two rugby league players. It’s huuuge. If you prefer your meat on a stick, get the souvlaki lamb, chicken or pork. And of course they do a snack pack, the classic meat and chips combo with your choice of sauce.

This yeeros shop is slicker than most, with an impressive street art mural taking up an entire wall. Fan memorabilia everywhere else will leave no doubt you’re in Canterbury Bulldogs territory either.

Rock up on the weekend for the perfect hangover breakfast, and if you’re hankering for something sweet, try the yiro bites, covered in squiggles of Nutella and fresh strawberry or banana. Do you think they’ll add cheese to that? We reckon they just might.

Yiro Yiro Greek kebab shop in Belmore

Yiro Yiro Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Yiro Yiro
374 Burwood Road, Belmore, Sydney
Tel: +61 (02) 8084 1874

Opening hours
Sunday to Thursday 11am-10pm
Friday and Saturday 11am-11pm

This article first appeared in Time Out Sydney. Read this article online or read more of my Time Out Sydney reviews.

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