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Friday, April 23, 2004

Prime at GPO, No 1 Martin Place

Prime is the carnivore's lolly shop. Here they pride themselves on their attention to detail and time--the meat here is hung to allow proper ageing, relaxation and more intense flavour.

We went with the rib eye which lived up to its reputation--moist, tender and meaty, it brought tears of joy to these haem-iron seekers. It is one of the only times a medium rare steak has arrived as requested.

The service here is extremely attentive with diners clinking cutlery softly and speaking in undertones. The complimentary sourdough bread was still warm from the oven, all crunchy crust, fluffy interior and perfect hints of sourness.

I found the atmosphere rather cold--the combination of sandstone walls and leather booths gave it a strong businessmens' lunch feel to the place. If you're after *grunt* m-eat and prepared to pay for the privilege (steaks are about $40) this is the place for you.

Grainfed rib eye with potato gratin

Prime at GPO
No 1 Martin Place, Sydney
Tel: 02 9229 7777
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