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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

La Cucina @ The Aurora Hotel, Surry Hills

The Aurora Hotel is one of those stalwart local pubs where blokes while away the afternoon watching the cricket whilst knocking back a beer or two (or three or four).

So we didn't expect dazzling gourmet cuisine although the self-described "Italian Trattoria" known as La Cucina inside the hotel was read with wryness (they also have a restaurant in the Madison Hotel on Devonshire Street).

I wouldn't come here specifically for the food but then, I don't think the drinkers in here did either.

For punters only.

Grilled fish of the day (dory fillets) with salad $14.00

Seafood risotto $13.50

La Cucina Surry Hills
Aurora Hotel
324 Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills
Tel: 02 9212 2400
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