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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Short Soup Film Festival, Sydney Olympic Park

We headed to Sydney Olympic Park for the free outdoor Short Soup film festival in association with Good Food Month.

Billed as an "international feast of films, food and flavours" we had high hopes and accompanying appetites. The 11 international short films (including films from Spain, Croatia, Iran, Korean, Canada and Australia) were a mixed bag, with probably a few too many trippy animation films to sustain the interest of the audience.

My favourites included:

  • Beamon's Jump by Ane Munoz Mitxelena from Spain, about a girl who becomes inspired by Bob Beamon's long jump record in Mexico '68;
  • Christmas Comes on a Bicycle by Sun-Uk Park from South Korea about puppy love and heartbroken pouting; and
  • Mahsha by Bijan Mirbagheri from Iran, an hypnotic animation about one night in the life of a dew drop.

The token foodporn film was Cum-Pane by Anna Linder from Sweden about making/baking lavash bread. The film involved a lot of gratuitous kneading (haha) but probably still not as mesmerising as some of the Food Art segments featured on The Food Lovers' Guide To Australia.

Overall though, an entertaining Sunday evening out. Afterwards we couldn't resist experimenting with night-time shots of the nearby Telstra stadium and all the neon.

posted by Anonymous on 10/10/2004 11:59:00 pm

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