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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Glebe Street Fair

Bellies distended from our late lunch and with energy still in our legs after our foodie trek, we decided to catch the tail end of the Glebe Street Fair, celebrating its 21st birthday!

Crowds were expected to be 120,000 for Sydney's oldest fair. There were probably more...

Glebe is known for its bohemian, free-thinking and leftist atmosphere originally cultivated by a strong communinity of students and artists. The hippie-looking cyclist wheeling his dog on his bike was just another passerby.

Probably the most exciting drawcard for the festival was the appearance on stage by the quintessential Aussie rock band, the legendary Mental as Anything.

Yep they all looked exactly the same! Churning out all those memory flashback hits got the little 'uns dancing...

and the big 'uns.

The other big celebrity out and about was Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, the genius who made science cool! Dr Karl sat at a little booth all day signing copies of his 22 books. Dr Karl is a two-year-old's best friend--he knows the answers to every "but why...?" question.

Unfortunately there wasn't much in the way of exciting food stalls. Instead we counted seven, yes seven, gozleme stalls. If gozleme is so popular, how come no-one has ever set up a gozleme shop? Or is part of the appeal because they're only ever available at street stalls? And yes, I love 'em too. Click here for a recipe for ispanakli gozleme (spinach gozleme).

Plenty of bongo drums, hand-made jewellery, Tibetan-style robes and African tribal art. However for true ingenuity with more than a twist of irony, how could you go past this pitch...

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posted by Anonymous on 11/21/2004 03:59:00 pm


  • At 12/26/2004 5:36 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Whata really ridiculous about this is that the jam was being sold in a market (capitalism). And theres a phone number for the seller ... obviously dealing with a capitalist organisation (ie. a tel-co) .... all this being done for The Communist Party of Australia ? Maybe they should make the Jam free to all ?


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