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Saturday, December 25, 2004

Christmas--Sydney style

I've spent a few Christmases in London before and sure, the snow, the roasting chestnuts and cold-weather-appetite all make for memorable festive feasting, just like it was always told in the storybooks of our childhood.

However in the heart of each and every true-blue Aussie, it really ain't Christmas unless it involves blistering 30C+ heat, plenty of fresh seafood and the incessant sound of cicadas chirping at dusk.

This year was one of the coolest Christmas Days we've had in a long time, and though the beaches may have been devoid of its usual crowds, Aussies still stocked up on traditional prawns, oysters and shellfish. The Sydney Fish Market opened at 5am on Thursday and traded for 36 hours straight until 5pm Friday. One fishmonger estimated 10,000kg of prawns sold over 36 hours!

Divided opinions on the meaning and relevance of "Christmas" aside, any excuse for a guilt-free nosh-up is good enough for me.

How did you spend December 25 in your part of the world? And more importantly... what did you eat?

Fresh-cooked crab

Prawns for sale at the Sydney Fish Markets

Summer in Sydney means fresh, juicy and sweet mangoes, preferably out of the fridge, even better with a dollop of icecream.

Harking back to English traditions, Christmas in Sydney is also about nuts. Macadamias are always a firm favourite and at Paddy's Markets they even come in wasabi, cheese, abalone, spicy and honey-roasted flavours.

Our Christmas dinner involved oysters, prawns, smoked salmon and caperberries...

plenty of antipasto nibblies...

roast turkey with all the trimmings...

and of course a glazed leg ham.
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