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Friday, January 07, 2005

Cafe Ottimo, Ultimo

A hop, skip and jump from the bustling Broadway Shopping Centre and traffic-clogged Parramatta Road, Cafe Ottimo is an oasis of calm and local hospitality.

There are a couple of takeaway/eat-in cafes along this stretch of Mountain Street, but this one is by far the busiest and most welcoming in decor and menu.

Inside the walls are relatively bare, and the chairs and tables are a simple but sturdy dark wood. But there is plenty of light, a sense of spaciousness and a buzzy atmosphere.

We agonized over the enticing menu of sandwiches, salads and all-day breakfast options.

Spicy Italian meatballs, lettuce and Swiss cheese on grilled Turkish bread $7.00

Salt and pepper calamari salad $7.50

All the menu items here are simple but well-executed and at bargain-basement prices. It's not hard to see why this simple little cafe is so popular with local students and workers in the area. The food is freshly prepared, service is friendly and they even welcome menu variations!

$5 lunch deals include satay chicken, rice & salad (Mon); chicken schnitzel & salad (Tues); frittata & salad (Wed); veal schnitzel & salad (Thu); and beef stroganoff & rice (Fri).

Gourmet sandwiches $6.50; gourmet hot rolls or melts $7.00; salads $7.50; and all-day breakfasts from $7.00.

Recommended. We'll definitely be back!

Cafe Ottimo
67 Mountain Street, Ultimo
Tel: 02 9211 0270
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