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Saturday, January 08, 2005

Farmers Market, Fox Studio

With the Pyrmont Growers Market currently on hiatus, we headed to the Farmers Market at Fox Studio for some weekend gourmet goodness.

Unfortunately not all the usual stalls were here, but there was still plenty of fresh produce, breads, organic meats and eggs and various craft and jewellery stores.

Breads from Formaggi Ocello...

Pumpkin and macadamia nut boule $6.00
I grabbed this loaf which actually contained pumpkin and macadamia nuts. The bread was gorgeous--heavy, nourishing and interspersed with plenty of macadamia chunks.

Ripieni osso buco; ripieni spinach and ricottta; and cannelloni osso buco from Glori ai Golosi

Shadow of Blue from Tarrago, Gippsland

Vine-ripened juicy tasty truss tomatoes

Ethiopian fare including lentils and ingera, a pancake-style flat bread.

Our noses were more interested in the smells emanating from the Mojo Picon stall where chorizo sausages sizzled enticingly...

Chorizo roll with plenty of Mojo Picon sauce (orange ) and Mojo Verde (green) $5.50
Apparently the picon is a traditional Canary Island sauce with cumin, paprika and garlic. The verde is more Spanish with flavours of coriander, parsley and garlic.

The mojo picon was so tasty, I ended up buying a jar ($5.00 for 190ml with chorizo purchase).

The chorizo was also very good. Unusually meaty and not too oily.

Rocky Road Museli by Whisk and Pin $9.00 for 500g
What's in it?...

How could I resist...
I plan to have it sprinkled on ice cream... mmm...

Baskets of peaches

We had a picnic at Centennial Park next door and devoured most of our goodies.

View from our picnic spot

A wandering purple swamphen

Farmers Market, Entertainment Quarter
Every Wednesday and Saturday 10am -4pm
Parking is free for the first 2 hours up until 6:00pm

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posted by Helen (AugustusGloop) on 1/08/2005 11:59:00 pm


  • At 1/09/2005 2:33 pm, Blogger pinkcocoa said…

    hiya AG
    I havent been to the Farmers Market at Fox Studio for ages already! Do the same stalls from Pyrmont Growers Market appear?

  • At 1/09/2005 9:48 pm, Blogger R said…

    Hello, Hello.

    No, I didn't see the same stalls from Pyrmont there, as I had expected. But, I have seen some of the Pyrmont stalls at the Orange Grove markets on the off-Saturdays though.

    Another brilliant and thoroughly researched entry.
    'Purple swamphen'? Well, there goes my water fowl joke...

    WARNING, WARNING: Boast ahead:
    I also just cooked the Touloise sausages that I bought from 'Sam the butcher'. Delicious. Pork, duck and pine nuts. So, taste!

    Ate one sliced, with a warm lentil salad.

    But, I think the perfect desert would be that Rocky Road museli (which I am now kicking myself that I didn't buy any). Will have to make do with the white nectarines.

  • At 1/10/2005 2:46 pm, Blogger pinkcocoa said…

    *slurp* the pork, duck and pine nuts sausage sounds sooooo tasty! Must get some myself.

    Where's the Orange Grove Market? I wonder if the Northside produce market is on this sat or not....If so, I am hoping to snatch some yummies there ;-)

  • At 1/10/2005 3:32 pm, Blogger Helen (AugustusGloop) said…

    Hi R - It took a bit of googling to identify that darn bird! Ornithology was never one of my strong points!

    The Touloise snags sounded fab. Darn - I should have taken a photo!

    Have yet to eat the Rocky Road muesli on ice cream. I've just been munching on it straight out of the bag... oh-so-addictive!!! I'm sure it's available at DJs Food Hall or some other purveyor of fine goods... maybe we'll just have to go back especially (which we were going to do anyway, weren't we? *grin*)

    Hi pinkcocoa - wow, you've managed to squeeze in two posts before I managed to reply! I think there are a probably a few repeat vendors at Fox vs Pyrmont but I think there are a number of different stallholders. The crowd is definitely different too with a lot more families (hey, free parking).

    Orange Grove Market is on every Sat 8am-1pm at Orange Grove Public School in Leichhardt. More details of this and organic food markets here http://www.organicfoodmarkets.com.au/ofm.html.

    Northside (which I haven't been to before--it is good?) should be on this Saturday, according to this website of this and other marketshttp://www.tradewatchoz.org/localfood/#NewSouthWalesMetro.

    Shall we expect a posting of Northside yummies? :P

  • At 1/18/2005 11:32 am, Blogger Ms One Boobie said…

    I so love the food market.. :) don't have it here .. in yarmouth.. :) and haven't had a picnic for ages.. hmmmm.. gotta have some in the summer.. :)

  • At 3/15/2005 11:14 pm, Blogger Helen (AugustusGloop) said…

    Hi Mrs T - Picnics in the loungeroom are always fun... :P


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