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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Apple cinnamon porridge with toasted hazelnuts

Soak oats overnight.
Cook on stove/in microwave according to water/milk/sugar/consistency preference.

Meanwhile, peel and roughly dice a Granny Smith apple.
Microwave on high until soft (about 2-4 min). Brown sugar optional.
(Traditionalists can use the stove)
Dust cooked apple lightly with cinnamon.

Ladle porridge into a bowl.
Serve topped with stewed apple and freshly toasted hazelnuts.
Drizzle with golden syrup or douse with brown sugar if preferred.

Voila!--cosy cooked breakfast with no fancy ingredients. And no pots to wash up either if you use the microwave!
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posted by Anonymous on 5/08/2005 07:20:00 pm


  • At 5/08/2005 7:38 pm, Blogger Reid said…

    Hi AG,

    Don't you find that the simple things are the tastiest? This looks so yummy.

  • At 5/08/2005 11:05 pm, Blogger Ms One Boobie said…


  • At 6/23/2005 6:47 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    hey AG! just cruising through all the entries for dmblgit? and i love this picture - it's so pretty! i actually though, on first glance, that those were flower petals! lol!


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