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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Sydney Fish Market, Pyrmont

Fishmongers in action
Claudio's at the Sydney Fish Market

The Sydney Fish Market have always been a favourite foodie haunt of mine. Often we're here for only a quick dive through the shops; just long enough to secure some fresh salmon or live sea urchin for home-made sushi, or perhaps some tentacled friends for sticky chilli baby octopus.

Even better, though, is when we head to the fish market as a destination in itself. Time to browse and admire the iced-up treasures of the sea; watch the oyster shuckers prise open dozen-upon-dozen of reluctant molluscs; and end our tour with our own selection of goodies from Neptune's buffet.

Happy lunchers feasting on fresh seafood, fish and plenty of chips

Even though the skies were a little ominous today, the sun was out, the seagulls were circling and AG was excited at the prospect of lunch.

Whenever we lunch at the fish market, sashimi is usually part of the deal. With most fish unpacked that morning from fishing trawlers, you can't get fresher, firmer, sweeter fish than here. Bypassing the sushi bar, we go straight to the source and select our salmon or tuna fillet of choice, to be sliced there and then into delicate mouthfuls and placed on a takeaway tray with a pot of wasabi soy.

Atlantic salmon, yellowfin tuna and hiramasa kingfish
ready-filleted for sashimi

When hunting down my lunch, I usually find it hard to resist good ol' fish and chips. There is something about sitting by the water's edge that inexplicably demands the consumption of battered fish with crispy golden chips. Today, though, my attention was diverted by this sign:

Peter's Lunch Special:
Dory fillets with chips, salad and drink for $9.90

And so I could do little to resist and joined the queue...

The hungry queue drools expectantly at Peter's
(or was that just me?)

Lately, because of the tedious wait involved in tracking down a spare table on the wharf, we tend to head across the road to Wentworth Park, balancing food in one hand and drink in the other, for a leisurely lunch on the grass as we bask in the sunshine.

Grilled dory fillets with salad and chips and can of soft drink $9.90
(from Peter's Fish Market Grill)

Yellow fin tuna ($62.95/kg) and
Atlantic salmon ($39.95/kg) sashimi with wasabi soy
(from Claudio's Quality Seafoods)
Pictured is 92g of tuna ($5.80) and 280g of salmon ($11.20)
for a total cost of $18.00 ($1 for the wasabi soy)

We gobbled our fish and chips whilst they were still hot and then rubbed our distending bellies before proceeding with the sashimi. We shared the sashimi amongst four people and still struggled to finish it.

The dory was extremely tasty and I was actually quite impressed. The fish was cooked to order and although it did appear a little more on the fried side of grilled, the flesh itself was moist, tender and soft as a pillow. The chips were gobbled with glee and the mere presence of the salad made my whole meal seem that much healthier =)

Everyone oohed, aahed and sighed over the delightful sashimi as well. Firm, fresh, smooth and oh-so-tasty, it's moments like these I am so glad I live in Sydney!

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Sydney Fish Market
Bank Street, Pyrmont
Tel: +61 (02) 9004 1100
Open every day (except Christmas Day) from 7.00am

This has been included as an Intrepid Eat on Grab Your Fork's Top 10 Sydney Eats for Tourists. Read the entire list here.

Claudio's Quality Seafoods
Tel: 02 9660 5188
Open 7 am - 4 pm daily

Peters Fish Market
Tel: 02 9552 2555
Open 7 am - 4 pm daily

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