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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Pyrmont Growers Market

There must be some kinda magic in the meteorological forcefield at Pyrmont Bay Park. It seems that without fail, the whole area is drenched in warming sunshine on the first Saturday of every month. The Vitamin D is drunk in greedily by every Sydneysider and their dog, as they browse the produce and gourmet goodies on offer at the monthly Pyrmont Growers Market.

This month I met up again with Saffron and Pinkcocoa. Sydney's ever-reliable rail system somewhat de-railed Saffron's arrival time, however this just meant extra camera time and taste-testing opportunities for Pinkcocoa and I.

Strawberry plants

Pinkcocoa spotted these cute strawberry plants. I think I was too busy being distracted by the offers of olive tastings and toothpick samples of goats cheese.

I shouldn't tell you that Pinkcocoa and I spent a couple of minutes rotating these pots for the perfect strawberry and flower angle, so I won't. Pinkcocoa definitely had more energy than I as she whipped the camera out at every photo opp.

I told you everyone brings their dog

The markets seem to be getting busier and busier though. When I arrived at 8.30am, the markets were already buzzing with hoardes of people. I said to Saffron and Pinkcocoa that this was probably because of our blogs =) They almost fell off their chairs with laughter.

So yes, Saffron finally did arrive (how did we survive before mobile phones?) and a cup of Toby's Estate coffee was obtained for necessary refueling. Then we did a lazy lap around the entire market nibbling and drooling along the way (bumping in fellow foodies R&A and A&T as always).

Olive bread from Consumate

I picked up my usual ration of two sourdough fruit loaves from La Tartine. I'll have a slice or two that day and then slice both loaves up for the freezer. Then they get toasted and I have a particular way of eating it so there are alternate mouthfuls of bread and fruit; the whole fig bits get eaten second last, right before the toasted whole almonds on the bottom of the loaf.

From Consumate I picked up a sourdough baguette and later on, on our way out, we spotted half-price specials at Shepherds Bakehouse. Half price?! We scuttled over for a closer look and before we knew it, giant rounds of pumpkin sourdough appeared in our hands (for only $2.50!). They had sourdough rye as well but the pumpkin won out in the end.

It was only as we started heading home that Saffron pointed out I was now the proud owner of three different types of bread. Or about three kilos of it in practical terms. Maybe there was something in that, for later on I left behind my sourdough baguette on the train. *sob* I've been mourning it ever since and hope its finder looked after it well with plenty of good quality butter, a nice wedge of goats cheese and maybe a handful of rocket.

I had plenty of good butter. *pout*

I had relented and picked up a tub of Gympie Farm cultured butter which I'd sampled back in July. Made from real buttermilk from Guernsey cows, the butter is so creamy and tasty it is divine eaten straight out the tub (did I say that out aloud?). The stallholder explained that because it contained cultures, the flavour intensifies as it matures, just as cheese or yoghurt would.

A little tub of cabernet sauvignon paste (made with Teneriffe grapes) also made its way into the booty bag. I'm saving that for a mini-picnic to be dotted on top of bagel crisps spread with ricotta.

I love hanging out with foodbloggers. We always have our priorities straight.

Good Living Growers' Market
7.00am - 11.00am on the first Saturday of every month
Pyrmont Bay Park, Pyrmont (opposite Star City Casino)

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