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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Spanish Quarter Street Festival

street entertainers on stilts

The Spanish know how to eat.
They know how to drink.
And they definitely know how to party.

festival sign

I'm sure that's why the Spanish Quarter Street Festival is such a favourite with Sydneysiders. In the relative infancy of its third year, the flocking crowds consistently surpass organisers' wildest dreams. This was particularly evident last year with suffocating bottlenecks at times and gobsmacking food queues during lunchtime. Thankfully things were markedly improved this year with better spacing and placement of food stalls, and more tables and chairs available for exhausted patrons.

But all these troubles are easily forgotten amongst the colour and vibrancy of the heart-thumping smile-inducing festivities. Accordions and Spanish guitar melodies twirl passionately in the air, bursts of reds and yellows weave in between pressed black trousers and flashes of lace, and the nose twitches with excitement at the promise of chorizo, spicy with heat and seared to a blackened caramelised juiciness.

Sardines are being barbecued, churros are cavorting in mounds of cinnamon sugar, and of course there is paella. Lots of paella.

giant paella pan

Lots of paella demands lots of water. You may as well use a bucket.

adding water to giant paella pan

There was plenty for sale including Spanish trinkets and tapestries:


And did I mention the paella?

serving paella

adding arborio rice

I followed the sound of gypsy music and ended up at the Kent Street stage watching the dancers from Te Amo Peru. They were spinning, I was snapping and the crowds behind me were compulsively tapping their feet.

dancer in pink

dancer in brown 1

doe si doe



dancer in brown 2

dancer in brown 3

dancer in brown 4

dancer in brown 5

Click here to see part two of the Spanish Quarter photos.

The third Spanish Quarter Street Festival was held on Sunday 13 November 2005.

This event takes place every November in Sydney's Kent and Liverpool Streets.

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posted by Anonymous on 11/15/2005 08:39:00 pm


  • At 11/16/2005 12:47 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    What beautiful pictures..AG.. !! reminds me so much of Madrid and Barcelona.. ;)

  • At 11/16/2005 6:58 pm, Blogger Rachel said…

    You certainly captured the day well for those of us who weren't there. Did you actually try any of the food ?

  • At 11/18/2005 11:57 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    What a beautiful display of colour, energy and gallantry of Inca and Criollo dance and music. No words to describe the excellent show of "Te Amo Peru".

  • At 11/21/2005 1:47 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Muy bien.Felicitaciones a todos por las representacion culturales que expresan en sus distintos generos un abrazo fraterno a mis amigos peruanos.

    Juan - Miami USA


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