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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Four things meme

Another day, another meme.

This one's from chickpea. Here goes...

Four Jobs I've Had in My Life:
1. Public relations coordinator
2. Youth hostel duty manager
3. Radio station researcher
4. Youth telephone counsellor

Four Movies I Could Watch Over and Over:
1. Tampopo
2. The Breakfast Club
3. The Joy Luck Club
4. The Guru

Four Places I've Lived:
1. Cambridge, England
2. Leytonstone, London, England
3. Walthamstow, London, England
4. Sydney, Australia

Four TV Shows I Watch:
1. The Amazing Race
2. Lost
3. Iron Chef
4. Enough Rope

Four Places I Have Been on Vacation:
1. Morocco
2. Greek Islands
3. Turkey
4. Vietnam

Four Websites I Visit Daily:
1. Google
2. Sydney Morning Herald
3. Australian Bureau of Meteorology
4. Bloglines

Four of My Favourite Foods:
1. Freshly shucked Sydney rock oysters
2. Mudcrab with ginger, shallots and e-fu noodles
3. Super fresh sushi
4. Bun thit nuong

Four Places I Would Rather Be Right Now:
1. Osaka, Japan
2. Marrakech, Morocco
3. Cappadoccia, Turkey
4. Isle of Skye, Scotland

Four Tags to Continue This Meme:
1. The Foodologist
2. Kelly from The Occasional Epicure
3. Sarah from The Delicious Life
4. Sarah from Sarah Discovers How to Eat
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posted by Anonymous on 3/08/2006 11:58:00 pm


  • At 3/09/2006 1:51 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Loved reading your meme, I have a included your site on my list of food blogs.

  • At 3/09/2006 8:30 am, Blogger Sarah said…

    Hey Helen,

    Ooh I've never been tagged for a meme before!

    But yeah I did make it to the grower's market!! I saw the snails on your blog a while back and decided I just *had* to go.

    I wrote about it on my other blog...


    xox Sarah

  • At 3/09/2006 10:08 am, Blogger Kelly said…

    Aargh! Helen! Thanks for tagging me. My poor blog has been pretty abandoned but I will get in and do this meme - one day soon! I have half of my interstate gingernut post written too. Stay tuned :)

  • At 3/09/2006 5:41 pm, Blogger Zentaro said…

    Is Osaka really a great place? I haven't had much of a chance to go down there even though I live in Japan.

  • At 3/10/2006 11:05 am, Blogger Ange said…

    Love the BRekfast club - good to hear I am not alone!

  • At 3/11/2006 12:02 am, Blogger Chick Pea said…

    Ahh...oysters, couldn't agree with you more there. I've been eating them by the bucketloads since I've been back! ;)


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