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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Equilibrium Hotel, Sydney

It's not often that one gets to enjoy super comfy seating, floor to ceiling views (even if it is just Goulburn Street) and a cheap meal all at the same time.

We checked out Equilibrium Hotel, a blokily trendy bar in World Square. It has a masculine feel with leather-look seating, enormously high-backed booths, lipstick red chairs and a splattering of chrome. Pressed metal ceilings provide some decorative relief, although the most eye-catching feature is probably the battalion of 64 beers on tap behind the bar.

A late lunch means the suits have all come and gone by the time we arrive. Even better is the menu of $10 specials--there are ten different options which come with either a glass of house wine or beer. Bargain!

fish and chips
Beer battered fish and chips
with lemon aioli and rocket salad

Thai chicken salad
Thai chicken salad
with mixed greens, crisp julienne vegetables, coriander,

lemongrass and a lime and coconut dressing

Penne chicken
tube pasta with chicken, mushroom and thyme in a light creamy sauce

Equilibrium salad
Roasted vegetables, cous cous, mixed greens and raisins

with a white wine vinaigrette dressing

The food is all fairly reasonable for the price tag. The pasta is a little lacking in flavour and the roasted vegetables in the Equilibrium salad look like they came out of a jar. But the fish and chips look impressive, and the rocket salad comes with a thin slice of real parmesan cheese.

The Thai chicken salad is the runaway winner for the day though. Plenty of chicken, general handfuls of coriander and mint, all dressed in tongue-tingling fresh flavours of lime juice and lemongrass with a hint of creamy coconut.


Equilibrium Hotel
World Square, Levels 8-11
680 George St, Sydney

Tel: +61 (02) 8272 2400
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posted by Anonymous on 4/26/2006 11:57:00 pm


  • At 4/27/2006 9:42 am, Blogger Julia said…

    They do a smooth martini too!

  • At 4/27/2006 5:55 pm, Blogger Veruca Salt said…

    Good choices.

    Can you ever go wrong with fish & chips washed down with a cold schwey.

    Did you order the thai salad?

  • At 8/14/2006 12:45 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Avoid the beers on tap when they are on special. With 64 types on tap, many don't get consumed and end up tasting terrible.

    I used to work above this place and I have to say I loathe it. Tried the food twice and it was average, the ambience even worse.

    So many better in that neck of the woods...


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