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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Good Living Growers Market, Pyrmont

Farm fresh asparagus

A dreary grey morning greeted the second-last Good Living Growers' Markets of the year. The rhythmic collision of fat fleeing raindrops against my bedroom window only encouraged me to snuggle back under the covers, but after hitting the snooze button half-a-dozen times the bedcovers were slowly and reluctantly thrown off for another markets foray.

Peaches from Glenwood Orchard

Though the morning was plagued by a constant miserable drizzle, there was still a healthy crowd of shoppers stocking up on their monthly treats. The stallholders, protected by the shelter of their white canopied tents, were sympathetic to the sogginess of determined shoppers, and the produce, some splattered with droplets of rain, just looked even fresher.

The new harvest of peaches from Glenwood Orchard were positively glowing, nestled cosily in wooden crates covered in rustic hessian. In-season asparagus was also popular, picked fresh from local farms the day before, still with brushings of soil on their stems.

Justin North
Cooking demonstration with Justin North of Becasse
hosted by Joanna Savill

Justin North from Becasse was in attendance again, cooking and serving up a number of dishes with Joanna Savill hosting the proceedings.

Breakfast was an impromptu slathering of Willowbrae sundried tomato-rolled goat cheese on a thick slice of sourdough baguette from Consummate--the trusty pocket knife always comes in handy :) I did spot a table of organised shoppers who had packed their own chopping board, knife and plates for a leisurely picnic brunch. A great idea. Now here's hoping that next time the sun remembers to come out as well.

Cookies, shortbread and rocky road from Whisk & Pin

Tarago River Jens Red cheese

Pink roses at the Pink Lady apple stall

Perfectly formed baby cos lettuce

snail pate
Snail pate from Snails Bon Appetite

blood orange butter
Blood orange butter from Blue M Food


Good Living Growers' Market
7.00am - 11.00am on the first Saturday of every month
Pyrmont Bay Park, Pyrmont

(opposite Star City Casino), Sydney

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posted by Anonymous on 11/05/2006 10:31:00 pm


  • At 11/06/2006 8:42 am, Blogger PiCkLeS said…

    how was the snail pate?

  • At 11/06/2006 12:56 pm, Blogger Jen said…

    We did take some similar photos!

    It was such a grey day, but its always worth it afterwards.

    beautiful photos Helen!

  • At 11/06/2006 2:46 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    After several inopportune months, I finally managed to pay a maiden visit to the renowned GLGM and it did not disappoint one bit (despite the sappy conditions).

    A fantastic smorgasboard of the finest and freshest produce on display. The cheeses and deli meats stole the show but I found the range on sweets a tad disappointing.

    Wagyu beef found its way home with me and I'm certain that plenty out there will instantaneously vouch along with me to convene these brilliant producers on a more customary basis (a month of anticipation is akin to an eternal wait!)

  • At 11/09/2006 8:14 am, Blogger Veruca Salt said…

    Great photos. The peaches look like they below in an european market.

  • At 11/10/2006 4:30 am, Blogger Jeanne said…

    Blood orange butter?? Jealous, jealous, jealous.

  • At 11/10/2006 2:06 pm, Blogger flexnib said…

    I'm sure it's just me, but the idea of mushed up snails - euuuughh!

    All the other food sounded and looked delish, though!


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