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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Movies in the Overflow

march of the penguins

Summer in Sydney is too good to spend indoors.

That's why I love the Sydney Festival, especially the outdoor events, many of which are free. Yay. I love that word.

I didn't get to some of the favourite events this year: things like Symphony in the Domain and Jazz in the Domain, but I did get to Movies in the Overflow, free outdoor movie sessions at Sydney Olympic Park.

movies in the overflow

Place an Australian outdoors and pretty soon they're unpacking a picnic rug and an esky filled with gourmet nibbles and treats. We love to picnic and as we spread our picnic rug before the huge outdoor screen, families around us were eating homemade salads, barbecue chickens and snacking on chips, dips and spreads.

pork roll
Vietnamese banh mi pork roll dinner

We'd all come straight from work on a Friday, so our picnic dinner consisted of banh mi Vietnamese pork rolls. Tasty enough but not quite as mouthwatering as what we spotted on the boulevarde nearby.

byo bbq

These two had brought their own portable barbecue (with mini gas bottle) and were quite contentedly searing sausages and caramelising onions on the hotplate and they necked a couple of beers.

Envy is not the word.

outdoor movie screen

We couldn't miss a screening of March of the Penguins and it was so nice to watch it outdoors. The cinematography was spectacular, the crowd laughed as one, and the penguins, noble penguins, they are amazing creatures indeed.

march of the penguins

Movies in the Overflow is free and takes place every January as part of the Sydney Festival.
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