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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Couldn't Resist: Double Chocolate and Raspberry Tim Tams

It took only one glance at the supermarket shelf before this latest Tim Tam variant made its way into my shopping basket.

The "double chocolate" description is a bit of a misnomer: expecting a double coat of milk chocolate, the revelation of dark chocolate was even better.

I'm still a little upset that I wasn't warned the Dangerous Liaisons range had finished. I would've stocked up on my favourite Black Forest dark chocolate and cherry otherwise (the cherry jam became a stretchy splotch of sweetness after a few hours in the fridge).

The two other Love Potions available - Chocolate Mud and Sticky Vanilla Toffee - sound sickly sweet to me. The Double Chocolate and Raspberry was good (dark chocolate and raspberry is always a winning combination in my books), although not quite a match for the Black Forest (sigh).

Now I just have to resist eating the whole packet before it has a chance to chill in the fridge.
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posted by Anonymous on 2/03/2007 10:12:00 pm


  • At 2/04/2007 12:18 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi AG,
    It's cool that you review Tim Tams as well (even though you can't eat it with a fork LOL)!

    I liked the Black Forrest Tim Tams as well, but did you try the Pink Tim Tams for the Breast Research Limited Edition ones? They are the best as it has pink package, and strawberry cream filling and they are for good cause? I miss them terribly, they should be available all-year around!

  • At 2/04/2007 5:53 am, Blogger Vintage Wine said…

    I think it would be difficult to find Tim Tams here in Sweden which is bad, because they look so yummy!

    Another good reason for me to visit Australia :-)

  • At 2/04/2007 12:07 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    They look wickedly evil! S :-)))

  • At 2/04/2007 4:37 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    ohh they sound good. I really liked the Truffle Tim Tams in the Dangerous series but the Choc Mud Love Potion sounds very nice.

  • At 2/05/2007 7:35 am, Blogger Veruca Salt said…

    Tried these last nite from the fridge. Nice and chewy but original is still my favourite.

  • At 2/05/2007 8:55 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    hey, I just posted on the new range too.

    I may be getting confused here, but as far as I know the blackforest is still available. It's A's favourites and we just bought another pack recently...maybe they are just on the way out now?

    the pinkwish tim tams are GREAT, and I mentioned them in my post too.


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