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Friday, May 18, 2007

Back in action

The human body is capable of many things. An allergic reaction is like feeling your body go into extreme overdrive.

A trip to Nikko for the grand spring festival had been planned today. I ended up spending much of the day in bed instead. The moral of the story: always pack your own flu medication. I had meant to get some from the airport when I left. I had a day (and night) of torture instead.

By dinner I was well enough to venture out again. I know I'm not well when even the mention of food fails to raise the adrenalin.

We ended up at Ringer Hut, a bizarre little chain with a menu that included Champon Noodles, a massive bowl fit for a sumo wrestler. I had a small bowl of noodle soup with gyoza instead. The gyoza were sticky treats, pan-fried to a delicious crisp on the bottom.

We were happily shopping in the Ikebukero 100 yen shop and Shop 99 (yep, most of the fruit, veggies and groceries are 99 yen) when we realised it was past midnight and made a frantic dash for the train station. On the platform we spotted a bizarre incident where a man and a woman were both squatting, he bowing profusely, head almost touching the ground. She was sobbing quietly, her boyfriend standing nearby. It appeared the man had been tipsy/drunk and may have 'accidently' propositioned her. The genuine remorse on his face amidst the seriousness of the situation was something you would never think you'd spot in Sydney on a Friday night.

The platforms were packed and the train pulled up packed like a can of sardines, people's backs squashed up against the doors. People spilled out like frozen peas. We added ourselves to the can and headed home.

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posted by Helen (Grab Your Fork) on 5/18/2007 11:11:00 pm


  • At 5/21/2007 8:32 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Japan's culture is a world away from the average Western one. A mind spinning mix of West and East.

    So many aspects and layers to one place.

    It stunned me how even the porters and assistants on the airport shuttle service would all group together and bow as the bus pulls out.

    Nothing worse than getting sick away. Since we travel with the kids. Its no surprise we take an every growing medicine chest.

    Nonetheless thanks for the terrific updates. Soldiering through to get them to us.

  • At 5/21/2007 7:32 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Oh my god. A whole day of unmedicated hives? I weep for you!

  • At 5/21/2007 9:30 pm, Blogger ilingc said…

    Helen, I feel for you. Japan seems to have the nastiest bugs. I fell sick with cold/flu when I was there last month. Was out of action for two days. Even the cold medication I got from the local pharmacy didn't do anything. Then I developed this nasty cough that took 3 weeks to get rid off.. with the aid of antibiotics too.
    Glad to see you bounced back pretty quickly. :)
    Reading your posts on Japan reminds me that I have yet to sort out my photos and post about my trip.
    Hope you enjoy the rest of you trip! I'm looking forward to reading about the rest of your adventures.

  • At 5/22/2007 8:23 am, Blogger Nora B. said…

    Helen, I hope that you'll feel much better soon.

  • At 5/22/2007 11:32 am, Blogger Food Hog said…

    Hi Helen

    Hope you get better! Thanks for reminding me to pack meds for my trip!

  • At 5/22/2007 5:28 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    oooh sorry to hear about your allergic reaction dude any chance youve had mcdonalds and checked out the toys?

  • At 5/24/2007 9:19 pm, Blogger Helen (Grab Your Fork) said…

    Hi Andrew - Usually I take a whole bag full of medication, just in case. This time I travelled light and paid the price :)

    Glad you're enjoying the updates. I've been keeping a diary too. I think this will be my most well-documented trip ever. lol

    Hi Y - It was a long feverish night but hey, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?

    Hi ilingc - Thanks. I always take flu medicine when I travel. This time I didn't. Argh.

    I'm trying to catch up with the rest of the entries now. And photos to be edited and uploaded asap too!

    Hi Nora - Thanks. I was feeling much better once the hives went down :) Cold is almost over. Thanks for your kind thoughts :)

    Hi Food Hog - Yep, don't forget! And pack the Soothers too :)

    Hi ChocolateSuze - I was curious about McDonalds but didn't try any. Veruca had the Tamago Double Mac. I don't think the kids meals come with toys. I didn't notice any.


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