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Friday, February 05, 2010

Freebie Friday: Win a case of Sauvignon Blanc from Jed Wines

Why would three Australian winemakers travel half-way across the world to make wine in Argentina?

The story of Jed Wines is best told by Tom Egan, Jed Director and one of the winemakers who makes the annual trek.

"When it comes to wine, the environment the grape vine grows obviously plays such a huge role in the resulting wine. What we loved about Argentina is that the climate is so different and so unique (high altitude, irrigation off the Andes, clean air and strong UV light) that the resulting wines are really distinctive. The white wines have a magnificent purity about them and the reds have wonderful silky tannins. We felt that what is happening over in Argentina is a really exciting development in the world of wine and we wanted to be a part of it. So each year we head over to Mendoza, we source grapes from the same vineyards and work together to make the six wines in the Jed portfolio."

Want to try some yourself? Enter this week's Freebie Friday and you could win a case, yes, 12 bottles of Jed Sauvignon Blanc. Argentine wines are particularly known for their ability to complement food. The Sauvignon Blanc is described as being fresh and crisp with tropical fruit aromas of pineapple and passionfruit.

One case (12 bottles) of Jed Sauvignon Blanc delivered to your door.

Please note this competition is open to Australian residents only.

Total prize value: RRP$264

All you have to do is fulfil the requirements below:
  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell us where in the world would you most like to travel to, and why?

  2. And then send an email to grabyourforkfreebiefriday@yahoo.com.au with the subject heading "Jed" and include your full name and a copy of your published comment from this post.

The winning entry will be decided on honesty or entertainment value. Don't be shy! You gotta be in it to win it! Readers may submit one entry per day as long as each answer is different.

Any questions about the wine? Leave them in a comment, and Tom will be happy to answer them for you!

*Please note all entry details will be passed on to Jed Wines so readers can receive further information about upcoming offers and the rest of their wine portfolio. If you do not want to receive more information, please specify you wish to "opt out" in your email entry.

The Jed wine competition closes on Friday 05 March 2010 at 5.30pm AEST. The winner will be announced on Grab Your Fork on Monday 08 March 2010.

EDIT: Congratulations to the winner of the case of Jed Wines announced here.

>> Don't forget to also enter the competition to win a spice hamper with African red drinking chocolate. Entries close on Monday 01 March 2010 at 5.30pm. Enter now
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posted by Helen (Grab Your Fork) on 2/05/2010 01:30:00 am


  • At 2/05/2010 7:46 am, Anonymous Fiona said…

    I want to travel to the castles of Europe, because I'm a princess

  • At 2/05/2010 8:44 am, Blogger Genki said…

    I'd love to go to South America, especially to see Machu Picchu. I'm lucky enough to have already been to Angkor Wat, which was so absolutely amazing.

  • At 2/05/2010 8:54 am, Blogger Claire said…

    I'd love to visit the West Coast of America for three reasons - dinner at French Laundry, Napa wine country exploring, and the quintessential American road trip experience (from SF to Vegas!)

  • At 2/05/2010 9:35 am, Blogger Michaela said…

    Norway: breathtaking scenery, a unique culture friendly people and fresh fish to eat every day!

  • At 2/05/2010 9:44 am, Anonymous Audrey said…

    i have been to a lot of countries, so i guess the 1 that i've love to visit is antartica. it's one that most people don't think of visiting but yet it's still so fascinating. This unexplored land of ice.

  • At 2/05/2010 9:48 am, Blogger Ikal 1150 Wines of Argentina said…

    Thanks for the post, we'll try it!

  • At 2/05/2010 10:24 am, Anonymous Renita (the raw noodle) said…

    I've never beent o NYC! I want to eat a hot dog with the works watching the nba, a folding thin floppy cheesy pizza, visit old deli's that have been around forever and get some hot pastrami sliced before me- oh and find out what an egg roll is(they seem to order it in movies all the time). Novelty I know, but I still want to do it! :)

  • At 2/05/2010 10:36 am, Blogger Sarah D said…

    My husband and I have been married for over a year (and together for a few more) but i have never been to visit his family in England. They live in a small town outside of birmingham so not only can i not wait to go visit them I can't wait to see all the pretty countryside!

    So if i could travel anywhere thats where i would go! unfortunately we can't quite afford it at the moment but we're slowing savng up.

  • At 2/05/2010 10:40 am, Anonymous Jo said…

    The place I'd most like to travel in the world right now is Carrboro, North Carolina. Why? Because as an hulahoop dancer and performer, I want to connect with my fellow hoopers at an amazing event called 'Hoop Convergence' in May. Unfortunately, I dont' have the funds to get there this year, but maybe next year I'll get there!

    A funny place to choose perhaps, but hey, that's my dream :)

  • At 2/05/2010 10:46 am, Blogger Unknown said…

    Spain! So many different types and styles of food in one place.. and they love food from tins. And after eating all the delicious food you can walk around and look at all the amazing architecture and beautiful country side.. then go to one of the amazing beaches for a swim. The place has everything!

  • At 2/05/2010 11:54 am, Anonymous Brett said…

    We just moved here permanently from San Francisco, so right now Australia is the one place in the world we want to travel to (in). Our mission is to get to all the major wine regions here (WA, Margaret River? South. Hunter Valley. More?) and see how things compare to Napa Valley and Tuscany (both two of our favorite places in the world). We want to get to know Australian wine!

  • At 2/05/2010 12:28 pm, Blogger bri said…

    Thailand, because I adore the food, culture and tropical islands! And, lucky me, I am going there in 37 days!

  • At 2/05/2010 12:51 pm, Blogger Unknown said…

    Malaysia. Because it's home. The thought of mouthwatering delicacies, wonderful shopping and gorgeous islands make me head to Mamak for a quick fix!

  • At 2/05/2010 3:59 pm, Blogger Apple said…

    Venice. I've always been fascinated by the Carnivale. So I would love to visit Venice during that celebration, dress up and dance with the folk in glamourous victorian dresses and amazing masks. The Carnivale just seems to magical, I'd love to experience one day.

  • At 2/05/2010 4:26 pm, Blogger Jude said…

    Who's ever been to Iceland? Precisely. It's top of my list...ice, snow, hot geysers, and fabulous bleak, I love bleak. And food? Not a clue, I love a lucky dip too!

  • At 2/05/2010 6:55 pm, Blogger KT said…

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • At 2/05/2010 7:00 pm, Blogger KT said…

    I'd love to travel to India. It's such a fascinating country. My favourite book is "A Suitable Boy" by Vikram Seth, which helped to fuel my Indian obsession. My next big trip will be to India.

  • At 2/05/2010 10:32 pm, Blogger Anna said…

    Having travelled in some very poor 'have-not' areas of the world recently, I have a newfound appreciation for home in Australia. That's why I would really love to travel more in Oz- there is just so much to see in this wonderful country of ours! We are truly lucky :)

  • At 2/10/2010 9:47 pm, Blogger Unknown said…

    Twinkle twinkle little star,
    How I wish to go to Kenya,
    Oh Kenya will be a test,
    But I know it’ll be a bless

    Twinkle twinkle little star
    How I wish to go to Kenya.

  • At 2/11/2010 1:13 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I'd love to be able to go to Japan.. The stories, culture, food, experience will be amazing.

  • At 2/12/2010 7:47 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    ah to return to NYC for a frantic foodfest.

    *Bagels at the "Bagel Hole" in Brooklyn. Smeared with smoky and creamy whitefish salad.
    *Hotdogs at Nathans in Coney Island. Sydney dogs just don't have that snap.
    *Crispy catfish salad at Sripraphai in Queens. (Sripraphai is the best thai restaurant in NYC)
    *Pizza by the slice!
    And there's so much more.
    No wonder I've lost so much frickin' weight since I moved to Sydney!
    --"johnny forks"

  • At 2/15/2010 12:33 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Sydney. From a *certain* foodblog I've been reading, it sounds like that's where all the finest cuisines the world over culminate!

  • At 2/15/2010 11:53 pm, Anonymous Juju said…

    I want to be home.. (Indonesia). I miss my mum's cooking so badly. The CNY season hasn't really made the craving easier.. Your Shanghainese family feast looks awesome Helen! :)

  • At 2/22/2010 5:33 pm, Blogger dock_ris said…

    Can't wait to try Argentinian wine.
    I would most like to travel to South America, specifically Iguazu Falls, Argentina, and to Rio, Brazil, the see the Statue of Christ the Redeemer. Also Machu Picchu & Lake Titicaca in Peru.
    I love ancient civilisations & have a very curious mind.
    Must be lots of lovely wine to enjoy in these amazing venues too.

  • At 2/24/2010 9:23 am, Blogger Food lover said…

    I'd love to visit Argentina to try all the amazing wines, beef and dulce de leche made there! Yum!

  • At 3/01/2010 9:27 am, Anonymous Amanda said…

    I want to go back to Italy - no, Paris - actually, Spain, - really, Vienna - definitely New York City - but Vermont, too - and Canada!! All of the above!!

  • At 3/01/2010 5:19 pm, Blogger austhome said…

    Cape Town in South Africa as there's the famous yet formidable Table Mountain looming over the city like an ancient god.

  • At 3/01/2010 6:38 pm, Blogger Mim said…

    I spent 6 months in Canada two years ago, and whenever someone found out that I was Australian (so whenever I opened my mouth) they'd ask me one of two questions:

    1) Can you surf?
    2) Ooo what's Ayers Rock/The Great Barrier Reef/The Twelve Apostles/other-Australian-icon-I-haven't-seen-like?

    It was always a bit embarrassing telling them that I've hardly seen any of Australia outside of Sydney, so I resolved to see as much of Australia as I could in the next few years. Especially all of our 'Big' things.

    And we all know that there's plenty of beautiful produce and treats to be found on the roads of our big brown land!

  • At 3/03/2010 11:01 am, Anonymous penny aka jeroxie said…

    Spain. Read so much about. Friends telling me all about it. I need to be there to experience and taste it for myself. It will be a dream come true.

  • At 3/03/2010 10:08 pm, Anonymous Julianna said…

    “Perigord, and upper Provence France(about the month of January...)”*
    Because ever since the brilliantly well-fed *Brillat-Savarin* so lovingly and longingly waxed lyrical on the mysteriously sensual scents, arousing aromas and deliciously precious perfume of the all too rare and ever-elusive, fairy-tailed, woody-magic madness of that perfectly captivating, utterly transformative little truffle...well, ever since then my mind has been spellbound (and my powers of communication confusingly muddle-streamed, repetitively-excessive, non Un-grammar-radical and quite incomprehensible really--well, clearly though!)...all as I’m ever yearning to be born a French hog of the feminine sort--earthbound to desperately sniff-diggy up muddy roots and stumps from dusk to dawn amongst the untamed wild--an all too paralysed piggy under the intoxicating influence of that lumpy-black, knobble-knotted, dirt-encrusted ‘diamond’ too...go-go the hot GruntyHunty...haha...Ahem. So. I would like to travel to the fame-fabled home of such odiferous fungi--just so my two too eager nostrils might sniff and snort what those lucky sow-and-sows get to smell out!...
    p.s. oh, but the glorious, gorgeous Jo...wow. to be suddenly told now of this holy “Hoop Convergence” in Carrborro has got my completely-unco tumble-toes and all-round flab-tubulous self spun right round dizzy at the whole existence of this wonderful whirly-twirly tornado-torso of a loopin-hoopin-hula-thon...whoopwhoop!
    p.p.s. and...and I just hope Everyone gets to travel to all their special travel destinations—accompanied of course, by endless twinkle-tinkling bottles of the happiest tipsy-topsy dining and drinking of course ;)~*clinky-clinks*~

  • At 3/05/2010 12:53 pm, Anonymous avikone said…

    Rwanda - to see the mountain gorillas - who would not be both petrified and fascinated at the same time watching a male silverback casting his watchful eyes over his family group


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