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Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Shanghai, Ashfield

"All I want is crab."

There is only one dish in Suze's mind when we head to New Shanghai in Ashfield for a spur-of-the-moment dinner. It's the crab cooked in salted egg yolk. "Mmmm..... salty....." she whispers in anticipation when we place our order.

Famous New Shanghai steamed mini pork bun $6.80

But first, we must have xiao long bao. It's not a proper visit to a Shanghainese restaurant without a steamer of these delicate soup dumplings.

The glass windows into the dumpling making station give a preview of the dumplings that are about to arrive. The dumpling makers, women dressed in cute red-and-white checked aprons with matching hats, fold the delicate pleats with eye-watering speed and military precision.

Biting into the freshly steamed xiao long bao requires an element of care. The skins are thinner and more delicate than Shanghai Night next door, and the puddle of broth inside is sweet and flavoursome.

Green bean starch sheet $7.80

Anticipating the richness of crab, I also order the green bean starch sheet, a clear noodle that is usually served at room temperature and dressed with soy sauce, vinegar and garlic. It's a cool and refreshing dish, especially with the shards of cucumber, but I don't expect the accompanying peanut sauce, which unfortunately seems to overwhelm everything in its path.

Mini pork wonton soup $4.80

Simon orders the mini pork wonton soup, a simple dish of pork and prawn parcels in a clear soup.

Deep-fried crab with yolk of salt egg $38.80

The main event is the crab. Simon is feeling under the weather so the two crabs are left for exclusive demolishment by Suze and I.

The deep-fried crab with yolk of salt egg is a dish that must be savoured slowly. First you must lick and scrape every surface of the crab shell, delighting in the salty grains of egg yolk that are so addictively good.

Once the shell is clean, we prise open the body, using teeth and fingers to extract the crab meat. It's a slow process, but an enjoyable one.

Beneath the crab is a bed of deep-fried vermicelli but it's the debris of egg yolk smithereens that we both want most. Luckily with only two people sharing, there's plenty to go around.

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New Shanghai Chinese Restaurant on Urbanspoon

New Shanghai Chinese Restaurant
273 Liverpool Rd, Ashfield, Sydney
Tel: +61
(02) 9797 7284

Open 7 days 10am-10pm

Also at
Chatswood Chase - 345 Victoria Road, Tel: +61 (02) 9412 3358
Chatswood Lemon Grove - 427 Victoria Road, Tel: +61 (02) 9415 3536

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posted by Helen (Grab Your Fork) on 2/25/2010 06:26:00 am


  • At 2/25/2010 7:29 am, Anonymous Hannah said…

    Hmm, so salted egg yolk crab is maybe not a first-date food? Or maybe it is, if you really want to get to know your potential paramour... :P

    Still hanging out for Japan posts, though! :D

  • At 2/25/2010 9:04 am, Anonymous Rob @ StickySteps.com said…

    hey they have one in Chatswood Chase too! I went last weekend - not bad

  • At 2/25/2010 10:51 am, Anonymous chocolatesuze said…

    heh love how it was just enough for 2 of us that we didnt have to fight for eggy nuggets haha not that i wouldnt share with you... or would i...

  • At 2/25/2010 11:55 am, Blogger Betty @ The Hungry Girl said…

    The green bean starch sheet dish looks interesting. I always no that I'm in for an oil-overload when I visit Ashfield hehe, so it's nice to have some greens :)

  • At 2/25/2010 4:16 pm, Blogger trashtastika.com said…

    I've not heard of that crab dish before - must try!! I love pork buns and those dumplings look delicious.

  • At 2/25/2010 8:57 pm, Blogger A cupcake or two said…

    Oh crab. I love it. With that salted egg yolk. Oh dear. I am now very hungry.

  • At 2/26/2010 7:21 am, Anonymous billy@ATFT said…

    i just noticed how come the salted egg yolk dish is so much more expensive in ashfield than the outlets in chastwood?

  • At 2/26/2010 12:42 pm, Blogger AY said…

    ooo that crab looks delicious helen! the first photo looked a bit intimidating with the eyes though lol! ;)

  • At 2/28/2010 9:38 am, Blogger Y said…

    Argh that crab dish looks fantastic. All I want is crab now!

  • At 3/02/2010 2:18 am, Blogger Helen (Grab Your Fork) said…

    Hi Hannah - On the contrary, I think that crab makes great first-date food. lol! The first Japan 2010 post is up too!

    Hi Rob - I was actually at the Chatswood Chase recently too. Will have to post on it soon.

    Hi Chocolatesuze - I think we overdosed on the gg yolk but heh, I'm not complaining!

    Hi Betty - I love the slippery coolness of the green bean sheets, and yes, a little cucumber relief goes a long way!

    Hi The Fashionate Traveller - I have Suze to thank for the introduction to salted egg crab. Dumplings are always a treat, especially xiao long bao which are seemingly impossible to make at home.

    Hi A Cupcake or Two - Oh the peril of reading food blogs. It's just as bad editing the photos late at night and recounting the memories!

    Hi Billy - Hmm I'm not sure? Haven't tried the crab at Chatswood so not sure if it's the same portion size?

    Hi AY - Suze and Simon were both freaked out by the eyes too. lol.

    Hi Y - The crab was great. Hope you managed to find some crab to satiate your craving :)

  • At 3/06/2010 12:06 pm, Anonymous Simon @ the heart of food said…

    Ah, yes. The illness that I was still going through at the time led me specifically to order the wanton soup.

    It was surprisingly good. Probably something I'd order again during the coming colder months.

    Pity about the peanut sauce. The bits that were not in contact with that sauce were fine as they were.

  • At 3/21/2010 12:15 pm, Blogger mish said…

    i had the new shanghai buns which were amazing. tho could of been done with out the msg.

  • At 3/24/2010 2:18 pm, Blogger Helen (Grab Your Fork) said…

    Hi Simon - I don't think you can beat the comforting allure of wonton soup. Simple but tasty - always good when you're feeling under the weather.

    Hi Mish - The buns are tasty aren't they? I can't verify if they use MSG but there are a few interesting points raised by Jeffrey Steingarten on MSG and its alleged affects.


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