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Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Flute Bakery, Fyshwick Canberra

The Flute Bakery is in the last possible place you'd expect to find it. Tucked down a barren street lined with industrial estates in Fyshwick, it appears like a shimmering mirage of gustatory salvation.

Even then, the canvas awnings and outdoor seating reveal little of what lays within. We push open the door to find an elegant French patisserie, pies and quiches in the warmer, a gleaming glass cabinet filled with gateaux, tarts, brioche and pastries, and shelves of crusty baguettes and breads behind the counter.

Lamb and curry pie and chicken and tarragon with leek pie

The door to the bakery opens constantly as locals hurry in to purchase lunch or dessert, many of them milling in front of the pastry display with indecision. We've popped in for a quick lunch, queuing for counter service before transferring our goodies to a table down the back of the room.

Chicken and salad flute

The flute breads, from which the bakery takes its name, are sold plain or pre-assembled with a variety of fillings. Our merry crew settles down to a selection of filled flutes, pies and quiches, conversation momentarily replaced by the sound of satisfied chewing.

Pumpkin and asparagus quiche and chicken and tarragon with leek pie

Beef and red wine pie $4.50

I stick with the traditional beef and red wine pie, its flaky pastry holding generous chunks of slow-cooked beef enriched with a red wine sauce.

Inside the beef and red wine pie

Chocolate crossiant

We can't leave without trying dessert. The gateaux are refined and elegant, intricate shapes and layers garnished with chocolate tiles or fresh fruit. There is even a little plate of macarons on the front counter. I ask permission to take photos of the dessert cabinet but after some consultation am politely declined, although they are happy for me to photograph our own purchases.

Pear tart

A poached pear set in a pear-shaped puff pastry cut-out [top] illustrates the beauty of simplicity. We find the chocolate crossiant buttery yet light, a regal pear tart sweetened by a crisp base, and accented by a trail of crumbled pistachio and almond splinters.

Chocolate and hazelnut profiterole torte

The chocolate and hazelnut torte is crowned with a fluffy profiterole, dripping with chocolate. It's deceptively rich, satisfying the deepest of chocolate cravings.

The Flute leaves a merry tune in our hearts. If music be the food of love, play on.

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The Flute Bakery and Patisserie
8 Barrier Street, Fyshwick, Canberra, ACT
Tel: +61 (02) 6280 8001

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday 8am-3pm

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posted by Helen (Grab Your Fork) on 12/30/2010 04:56:00 am


  • At 12/30/2010 7:58 am, Blogger Shanks said…

    I'm glad you stayed for dessert, that torte looks soooo yum!!

  • At 12/30/2010 10:33 am, Anonymous jude said…

    But what about the macarons?? The only place in Canberra that has decent macarons (yes, poor us) is Flute!

  • At 12/30/2010 11:11 am, Anonymous john@heneedsfood said…

    Helen, you do know how to make me gasp with pleasure. Look at all that delicious pastry! Canberra doesn't look so dull after all!

  • At 12/30/2010 1:38 pm, Anonymous Hannah said…

    *thinking back to yesterday's comment* Wahey, I'm psychic! :P Oh, gosh, I am *so* happy to know that there's a quality place in Canberra with French-style patisserie treats. I actually have been to Flute recently, but we unfortunately arrived close to closing time (around 3pm) and were left with just a few pies and not many sweet options. I shall have to get off my bottom and out to Fyshwick sooooon!

    Hurrah, Helen! Thank you!

  • At 12/30/2010 2:27 pm, Blogger thang @ noodlies said…

    Hum, missing good old fashioned western baked food right now in Bangkok.. the pics are making my mouth water!

  • At 12/30/2010 4:18 pm, Blogger missklicious said…

    Canberra's best kept secret (well not so much now!) Their cakes and pastries are amazing!

    jude - Their macarons are nice, but I don't think they are the best in Canberra. Have you tried Dream Cuisine (usually at the EPIC markets) - their macarons are fantastic!

  • At 1/01/2011 1:31 pm, Anonymous sara @ Belly Rumbles said…

    The pear tart looks scrumptious. What a great little find.

  • At 1/01/2011 11:58 pm, Blogger Helen (Grab Your Fork) said…

    Hi Shanks - I'm always ready for dessert!

    Hi Jude - I didn't get a chance to try the macarons - maybe next time!

    Hi John - So pastry is all it takes? lol

    Hi Hannah - Your comment actually prompted me to publish this post earlier that I intended. lol. The desserts were amazing - very impressive.

    Hi Thang - I find I always crave crusty bread when travelling in Asia :)

    Hi missklicious - It's such a fantastic bakery isn't it? I wish I could have tried everything on offer!

    Hi Anon - I didn't mention my blog but I do find that bakeries tend to be a little secretive with their cake displays.

    Hi Sara - I'd definitely recommend you look this one up on your next trip to Canberra :)

  • At 6/11/2013 1:54 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    wow did not know this place made it to a Sydney food blog. This is a pretty good spot for those with a sweet tooth - some of their deserts are very very sweet indeed! Be aware though, parking can be a bit of a hassle and they do not have EFTPOS - cash only - so its a bit annoying to those who don't know and turn up expecting lunch with only a few coins in their pocket, its a long way to find an ATM at the nearest servo!


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