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Monday, October 18, 2004

Elizabeth Chong's Tiny Delights, SBS this Fri 8pm

This cooking series runs for eight weeks as Chong travels around China in search of yum cha specialties from four different regions. Chong uncovers a local lychee plantation, pig farm and the secret to perfect Siu Lung Bao. Each episode also includes a studio cooking segment. Featured dishes to include Hainan chicken, Shanghai "pot sticker" dumplings and won ton soup. More details here.

Eight-part series commencing
Friday 22 October 8.00pm on SBS
Set your VCR timer!

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posted by Anonymous on 10/18/2004 11:18:00 pm


  • At 8/06/2006 6:39 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Where can i buy your book (Tiny Delights)

  • At 9/02/2007 4:05 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Tiny Delights is back in print in 2007 and available through any book retailer.

    It is distributed by Bookwise, a company based in Adelaide.


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