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Friday, October 22, 2004

Mosaic, Sydney

Tucked away on an overhanging balcony, one would never know Mosaic existed in the grand GPO building, with no signs on the street or at eye-level on the ground floor. Up on the first floor balcony, the restaurant decor is modern classic with earthy tones, affording a decadent view into the atrium below. Up above our heads the statuesque but elegant clock tower was constantly visible through the spectacular glass ceiling.

With the kitchen led by well-respected Executive Chef Massimo Bianchi (ex-Nobu), it's no surprise that Mosaic's menu has a strong Italian base. We elected for the $130 degustation menu to best experience what Mosaic had to offer.

There were some standouts, in particular the ocean trout; the barramundi on risotto; and the maltagliati alla marinara. Overall we found the food well-executed and consistent.

Complimentary sour dough, ciabatta and olives

Fresh Sicilian green olives
Addictively more-ish these olives were bursting with flavour and without the saltiness of preserved olives.

Tartare of ocean trout on an avocado ceviche with salmon roe
The trout was fresh and tasty and well-complimented by the lemony perfectly-ripe avocado. The dicing of the trout compromised the texture, although this did make it easier to eat.

Gamberetti: crispy fried baby prawns with lemon and chilli peppers
We found this dish rather disappointing and would have preferred a bit more complexity in flavours, or otherwise have it stripped down with more sophisticated presentation.

Maltagliati alla marinara - fresh pasta with mussels and pippies
The pasta was perfectly al-dente; the mussels and pippies very fresh and tasty.

Baked barramundi wrapped in crispy prosciutto on saffron risotto
This was probably one of the best barramundi dishes I have eaten. The barramundi was cooked to fork flaking perfection and contrasted well with the crispy seared prosciutto. The risotto was also done well.

Wagyu eye fillet on a green pea puree with white asparagus and truffle essence
Seared to a medium rare, the wagyu was rich with flavour and meltingly tender. We remained undecided on the pea puree.

Trio of desserts

Crisp, delicate and indulgently flaky.

Vanilla bean gelato on almond biscotti
Smooth and creamy.

Valrhona melted chocolate pudding
A chocaholic's delight, the pudding was perfectly cooked so a crust formed on top yet the centre retained an rich oozing chocolate sauce.

The Westin Sydney
Level 1, 1 Martin Place, Sydney
Tel: 02 8223 1110
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posted by Anonymous on 10/22/2004 11:59:00 pm


  • At 10/26/2004 6:23 pm, Blogger R said…

    Absolutely gorgeous.

    Well done.

    If you go again, can I have some crumbs?

    Looking forward to the Sir Stamford review.

  • At 11/08/2006 7:56 pm, Blogger Jen said…

    G is planning on taking me to Mosaic for my birthday next month!!
    I tried looking on the net for a menu but couldn't find anything, even on the Westin site.
    Your post has been the most insightful yet, thanks again Helen for being the intrepid diner that you are!


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