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Friday, January 21, 2005

Forest Lodge Hotel, Glebe

The Forest Lodge is a bit of an institution. Popular with nearby University of Sydney students, backpackers from the Nomads hostel contained within, and local blow-ins, this is fair dinkum watering hole material.

The hotel is split into the traditional drinkers-at-the-front, bistro-out-the-back, although in reality meals and drinks can be consumed freely anywhere.

Chicken Caesar salad $8.90

Teriyaki chicken burger $8.90

Steak sandwich $7.00

This is unfussy pub grub with more of an emphasis on quantity than quality. The Caesar salad was a bit more green and red oak lettuce than Cos, and the burger bun was actually two sticks of garlic bread (but good garlic bread admittedly).

However the chips were crunchy, the chicken teriyaki was tender and the price per mouthful was pretty uncontestable. Go with an empty stomach, a skinny wallet and an open mind to menu interpretation.

The Forest Lodge Hotel
117 Arundel Street, Glebe
Tel: 02 9660 1872
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