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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Una's on Broadway, Ultimo (CLOSED)

EDIT: Una's Broadway has closed. Una's is still open at Darlinghurst

A gaggle of foodies descended upon Una's on Broadway last night, Easter Monday, to see if this latest outpost of Una's could stand up to the original.

In all there must've been about fifteen of us: some new faces in the crowd as well as some familiar ones, including Casey, Aaron, R and VerucaSalt.

The restaurant was surprisingly empty, although true, this area doesn't have the luxury of constant pedestrian traffic and an eating-strip mentality that affords the one in Darlinghurst.

The decor is much the same and the layout has actually changed since my initial photo of the setup. Instead there are now tables for two and four, as well as some booth bench seating (which according to VerucaSalt, is a little too high for the tables provided).

But enough. We were here for the schnitzel, and if my memory serves me correctly, I think we all said Ja to Jaeger.

Jaeger schnitzel and mushroom sauce with rosti $17.40 for veal; $15.90 for chicken

Cabbage salad (accompanies the schnitzel)

Women's bathroom (by intrepid photographer R)

Desserts cabinet [from top, L-R]: apple strudel $5.90; sticky date cake $5.90; banana cake $5.90; cherry mascarpone strudel $5.90; rum balls $3.90; lamingtons $4.90.

Sticky date pudding $5.90

Cherry and mascarpone strudel $5.90

In its second week of trade, the restaurant is no doubt still in its teething phase. Personally my original schnitzel experience at Darlinghurst wasn't eclipsed but at least here on Broadway there's plenty of carparking and no horrendous queues.

For the moment anyway.

Una's on Broadway CLOSED
133-135 Broadway, Ultimo
Tel: 9211 3805

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posted by Anonymous on 3/29/2005 11:20:00 pm


  • At 3/30/2005 2:27 pm, Blogger Reid said…

    Hi AG,

    So did you make the guys pay for your meal? =P

    The food here looks delicious. The added bonus, of course, is the ease of parking and the empty dining area. I would assume that you were treated very well by the staff here.

  • At 3/30/2005 5:37 pm, Blogger Veruca Salt said…

    Two down, one to go. Shall we try breakfast at Double Bay Una's?

  • At 3/31/2005 6:18 pm, Blogger pinkcocoa said…

    Wow. Can see you guys really like Una! Desserts are cheap. *yum*

  • At 4/01/2005 1:01 pm, Blogger Ms One Boobie said…

    The veal and mushroom looks yummy..!! but then i love anything with mushroom.. and the DESSERT..!! been such a long time.. since i've seen dessert like that in a restaurant.. :)

  • At 5/07/2005 12:04 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    This is a very nice place, people and food.
    I miss Una's


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