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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Blogging By Mail: Spokane to Sydney

Everyone likes getting packages in the mail. Expecting one is even more exciting!

So when the first inaugural Blogging by Mail event was organised, I was in like Flynn! Foodbloggers from around the world were paired up with a secret recipient, to send a carefully chosen package of homemade treats or local specialties.

The wonderful organiser, Nic from bakingsheet, kickstarted the proceedings by sending every participant her own package of edible goodies. I was suitably gobsmacked.

I sent my own bite of Sydney to Cathy from my little kitchen. And then I waited for my own. Suddenly a frenzied email arrived in my inbox from Jennifer, of Taste Everything Once. It seemed she'd inadvertently sent the package by "surface mail" instead of "air mail", and wasn't sure how long that would take.

"Do you mean economy air? Or surface as in, by sea?" I emailed. "Economy air will take about three weeks. Sea mail will take about three months."

"Waaaaaaaah!" was pretty much the response.

But I reassured Jennifer. It was okay. I'm the type of person who actually tries to prolong opening my presents on Christmas Day. Half the fun of Christmas is in the anticipation and the suspense. I actually feel crestfallen when the time comes to open pressies. For I know in about three seconds, all the fun will be over.

"Wheeeeeeeee" was still my response though, when a great big box with my name on it finally arrived the other day. Before I knew it, I was attacking the packing tape with a pair of scissors, almost jumping up and down with excitement.

Wow. What a package!

Jennifer had thoughtfully sent me:
  • Tim's cascade style potato chips (Jennifer's favourite)
  • a Bumble Bar organic energy bar (made in Jennifer's hometown Spokane)
  • An Office Cuisine pouch of mushroom risotto (made by Mary Jane Butters who works from her farm in Moscow, Idaho, about an hour south of Spokane)
  • Mini Hershey bars including Hersheys chocolate, Kit Kat, Almond Joys and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (oh, I LOVE Reese's!!!)
  • A Spokeman-Review cookbook published by her local newspaper (including Jennifer's winning dessert recipe for Huckleberry Polenta!)
  • A jar of huckleberry jam (small wild berries that grow in wooded areas of certain evaluation, according to Jennifer)
  • And a letter from Jen explaining all of the package contents!

  • Jen - you'll be pleased to know that I've broken into practically everything. Along with my valued tasting panel, we've sampled with Australian tastebud seriousness. The potato chips taste much like our Kettle Chips, although a little thicker and crunchier. The Bumble Bar was definitely an acquired taste. I forgot to take a photo but it tasted primarily of its main ingredients: raw sesame seeds with a strong rice syrup flavour.

    The Hershey bars were approached with much analytical fervour. We thoughtfully munched on all of them with eyed closed and thinking caps on. We have Kit Kats here (the panel thought the packaging was very circa-1982!) but it didn't taste the same as ours. And I was very excited to finally discover what an Almond Joy was. When I used to read about them in books, I used to think they were like Almond Roca or maybe a Dime Bar, but they're like Bounty bars! With an almond on top!

    And we all love Reese's Peanut Butter Cups! Occasionally you can find them in Aussie supermarkets and if we get cravings, we visit the local American candy shop supplier which stocks lots of goodies, but alas, at a rather hefty price. We've munched on Junior Mints, M*Azing Bars, Butter Fingers and peanut butter M&Ms with gusto. We are denied peanut butter M&Ms Down Under, even though someone I know has done some email lobbying to get them manufactured here!

    I'm very intrigued by the couscous in-a-bag:

    It's like two-minute cup noodles! How organic! And gourmet! And instant! It's also prompted me to wonder if you could make up your own versions of instant flavoured couscous? I haven't tried it yet--it's sitting in my desk drawer waiting for the day I forget to bring my lunch into the office.

    The recipe book is great, and I'll definitely be having a go at some of the recipes (including Jennifer's hopefully!).

    The huckleberry jam is also a winner. I don't even know if I knew that huckleberries even existed (yes, I know Huckleberry Finn, but maybe the depths of my literary sub-consciousness recalls reading about huckleberry pie sitting on a windowsill somewhere...).

    The huckleberry jam is reminiscent of blackberry jam with a cranberry tartness. I'll definitely be sampling that on hot buttered toast for breakfast.

    So thanks Jennifer for your thoughtful package. It was wonderful to have a little bit of Spokane in Sydney, and the surprise was even better after the anticipatory build-up. Ahhh foodblogging. Gotta love it! =P

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    posted by Anonymous on 9/15/2005 11:49:00 pm


    • At 9/15/2005 11:56 pm, Blogger Nic said…

      It sounds like you got a great package, A.G.! I love reading all the Blogging by Mail posts. It's nearly as good as getting a package from every participant.

    • At 9/16/2005 4:44 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      what a fabulous package, AG. The cascade style potato chips intrigue me (actually potato chips of any sort intrigue me!). And living in the tropics, I'm constantly amazed at how many different berries out there I've yet to discover.

      So what's the difference between surface air and sea? I had assumed that all surface is by sea!

    • At 9/16/2005 6:35 am, Blogger Books and Tea For Two said…

      I work in an organic supermarket in Sydney, and those bumble bee bars (there is about 7 varieties) are the best seller. I must get one to try..

    • At 9/16/2005 9:43 am, Blogger Kelly said…

      Sounds like you got a fantastic package. I'm intrigued by the couscous!

    • At 9/16/2005 1:11 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      Wow, count me in next time something like that goes on!

    • At 9/17/2005 11:18 am, Blogger Jennifer said…

      *laugh* I'm so glad the package finally made it. I was picturing myself getting black listed by the blogging community! That would have been scary.

      Good thing I didn't send any home-baked goods. Just imagine!

      I can attest to Norwegian strawberries. They are wonderful!!!


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