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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Spring on a plate

I'm not a big fan of nachos (too much melted cheese goo everywhere for my liking) but I do appreciate crunchy nibbles topped or dipped with tasty goodness.

Feeling peckish the other day I conducted a random search of the kitchen for something, you know, yummy. The last remaining Lebanese bread round was becoming rapidly dry and crusty. An abandoned wedge of goats cheese bleated in the fridge, and last night's left-over asparagus spears blanched at the thought of soggy oblivion. A motley assortment of ingredients were progressively uncovered which alone, were rather ordinary, but combined became the inspiration for something utterly delicious.

I threw this together on a plate, and after a couple of mouthfuls felt compelled to reach for the camera. This was too tasty not to capture and preserve the moment forever.

Spring on a plate

Grab your last remaining crusty round of Lebanese bread or pitta pocket and toast under a hot grill until crunchy on both sides. Do not walk away from the griller whilst this is happening as it will burn quicker than you can say "do you smell something burni-shfetiwkaj arowww".

Toast a good handful of walnuts too, turning them over regularly. A bed of foil for the nuts will enable you to pick these up easily and quickly.

Break the pitta crisps into large shards and pile onto a plate.

Retrieve the forgotten half-empty jar of chargrilled eggplant from the back of the fridge and drape sexily over your pitta mountain. Use a spoon to drizzle tasty eggplant oil over the crisps, making sure to capture any garlic or herb bits at the bottom of the jar.

Cut last night's asparagus into angled bite-sized pieces and scatter.

Crumble your last bit of ashed chevre goats cheese on top and finish with plenty of toasted walnuts.

Eat with both hands to facilitate faster consumption, or nibble at it lazily as you casually browse the weekend paper.
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posted by Anonymous on 10/29/2005 11:40:00 pm


  • At 10/30/2005 12:33 am, Blogger Rachel said…

    sounds yummy ! creative mediterranian leftovers. Did you put any dressing on it or did you just let the natural flavour of the herbs and oil and cheese do the trick?

  • At 10/30/2005 12:38 am, Blogger Kalyn Denny said…

    This sounds wonderful. I love goat cheese and asparagus so you had me with those two ingredients.

  • At 10/30/2005 10:18 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Did you go to the food and wine festival? i was waiting for your review! =P


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