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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Too Much Information Meme: 10 Things About Me

I'm still working on the sick computer situation, although it's amazing how much free time I suddenly have on my hands though!

It's a perfect opportunity to finally post my response to the latest meme going around the blogosphere. I was tagged by Rose two weeks ago, and the brief is to:

    Write 10 weird or random things about you that most people don't know about. Then tag 5 others for at the end of the post.
Here goes...

  • I dislike, I can't stand, ok, I hate apricot jam. I never liked it as a kid; I despised it after enduring weeks of it for breakfast whilst backpacking through France, Spain and Turkey. Thank goodness for our holy jar of Vegemite
  • I can touchtype about 90wpm (spot the geek). It sure came in handing for temp'ing assignments overseas though
  • The first rollercoaster I ever rode was Space Mountain at Disneyland at the age of seven. I screamed, petrified, the whole way through. By the time I was 12, I had a taste for it, and went on the Bush Beast at Australia's Wonderland seven times, ending the day in the first carriage on my own.
  • I always eat wafers one layer at a time. I swear they taste better that way
  • When I was eight, I once begged my sister to buy me a 1kg bag of sweets which was on special. I think I ate it in a week. She swore she'd never do it again (and people wonder why I use the moniker AugustusGloop?)
  • I have a reputation for being a klutz. I once dropped the family dinner on the floor as everyone gathered around the table. We ended up having KFC. I was pretty happy about it at the time (I was eleven)
  • I am left-handed, although you can't tell from my handwriting
  • My favourite bit of the roast chicken is the thigh, followed by the wing. I am sooo Asian
  • My favourite game at school was Heads Down, Thumbs Up. I never picked my friends even though I would pretend I had. I can be so cruel =)
  • I once convinced my fifth-grade teacher that Helen's Cake Shop in Chinatown was owned by my parents. He believed me when I said they had named it after me. I *was* Jodie Foster.
I won't bother tagging anyone else as I'm sure it's done all the rounds already. If you'd like to play, please feel free to leave a comment.

And I hope everyone had a happy Australia Day today-- I did! Good food, good company and plenty of happy bellies all 'round. Tres beaut!
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posted by Anonymous on 1/26/2006 11:59:00 pm


  • At 1/27/2006 4:31 pm, Blogger Rose said…

    Have you tried peach jam? I LOVE Sarabeth's peach jams.

    hee hee. so i'm not the only one with weird eating habits!

    Okay, this may be an australian/english thing (or I never encountered it here in the US), but what is "heads up, thumbs down"?

  • At 1/27/2006 4:50 pm, Blogger R said…

    I too am amazed about the apricot jam. I received a gift recently of a peach and ameretto jam. I suspect that alcohol makes most things taste better.

    And as for Rose not knowing what 'Heads down, thumbs up' is - tsk, tsk! You haven't lived Rose!

  • At 1/28/2006 10:16 am, Blogger Rose said…

    Okay, so I haven't lived.

    Now, will someone please tell me :-)

  • At 1/28/2006 12:47 pm, Blogger jismgor said…

    omg you are like so cool.

    why do you always have to hide =(

  • At 1/28/2006 3:43 pm, Blogger Rose said…

    That game sounds like fun!!!

    We would play a lot of "telephone" when I was a kid.

  • At 1/28/2006 4:45 pm, Blogger Rachel said…

    LOL love your meme. YES! I too like chicken thighs or drumsticks. I remember how my mum used to put one each on me and my sister's plates when we had chicken as it was the "best part" Hence I grew up loving it.

    Coming to Aus I was surprised that chicken breast was the preferred meat here and was soo much more expensive than the drumsticks and thighs. more for me I say :)

  • At 1/30/2006 9:19 pm, Blogger M-H said…

    Homemade apricot jam... lots of fruit, really tart and with an apricot kernel cooked with it, adding its faint aniseedy flavour. Slathered on fresh brown bread, with slabs of stong cheddar cheese on top. Yummo!

    Chicken breasts, gently poached with herbs and left to cool in the liquor. Not dry, not tasteless.

  • At 1/31/2006 7:11 pm, Blogger M-H said…

    I loathe all supermarket jam. I mostly buy jam from older ladies on charity stalls - sometimes at the Lillyfield Market. You get The Real Thing from them, even if I have to avert my eyes from the ghastly lolly-coloured ack-rilic knitted baby garments that always seem to sit next to the jam. :)


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