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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

DMBLGiT: And the winners are...

Foodbloggers are amazing individuals. Not only do they approach the platter of life with zest, passion and grateful appetite, but they are also committed to sharing their experiences with an increasingly hungry global audience.

Every night, foodbloggers from around the world hunch over their keyboards tapping away with unbridled enthusiasm and unfailing commitment. Posts are crafted, words are honed and tastebuds are titillated with the visual enticement of food photography.

It is this communal sense of a global dinner table that endears me to the world of foodblogging. The genuine warmth and rampant passion behind every foodblogger's post is undeniable, and it is in this light that I have played humble host for the latest round of Does My Blog Look Good in This.

A record 66 entries were submitted, and the care, love and affection behind each photo was clearly evident. All the judges: Matt, Joycelyn, Julia, Melissa and I, struggled with our decisions. Each photo was a tantalising enticement to a delicious story. Every entrant should be congratulated. Personally I think you are all winners.

But of course everyone still wants to find out the top-scorers and it was a close race on all fronts. Without any further ado (and random philosophical musings) here are the final results...

Winner of Aesthetics:

Congratulations Bron Marshall from
Bron Marshall, Classic and Creative Cuisine

2nd place: Bea from La Tartine Gourmande
3rd place: Amanda & Tyler from What We're Eating
4th place: Lara from Cookbook 411
5th place: Mary from Alpine Berry


Winner of Eatability:

Congratulations Amanda & Tyler from
What We're Eating

2nd place: Audrey from Berry Simple
3rd place: Bron from Bron Marshall, Classic & Creative Cuisine
4th place: Lara from Cookbook 411
5th place: Bea from La Tartine Gourmande


Winner of Originality:

Congratulations Bron Marshall from
Bron Marshall, Classic and Creative Cuisine

2nd place: Bea from La Tartine Gourmande
3rd place: Annie from Bon Appegeek
4th place: Lara from Cookbook 411
5th place: Melody from Land of Snooze...zzzzz


Overall Winner:

Congratulations Bron Marshall from
Bron Marshall, Classic and Creative Cuisine

2nd place: Bea from La Tartine Gourmande
3rd place: Lara from Cookbook 411
4th place: Amanda & Tyler from What We're Eating
5th place: Audrey from Berry Simple



A number of photos did stand out in particular and the panel of judges have
issued the following specific awards in their recognition:

Winner of Focus and Clarity:

Congratulations Debbie from Bunny Pie

"This photo pulls off a very neat feat: it shows every single ingredient with focus, clarity
and perfection. They're all there, displayed so randomly perfect that it's easy to see
why this is a wonderful photograph."

"Debbie has really done done justice to these luscious fruits. I can imagine these tarts

must taste heavenly."


Winner of Food Styling
(Technical Expertise):

Congratulations Lara from Cookbook 411

"Lara's picture gorgeously illustrates why sometimes, less really is more -
the elegant simplicity of the composition and lack of distracting props lets you
focus on the delicious (and plenty photogenic) dessert itself. It's a tricky subject
to get right - chocolate glaze needs to come to room temperature if it's to look shiny,
while gelato needs to be shot as soon as possible before it melts...to capture a picture
in which all the elements are in place and in good form takes foresight, organisational
ability and great skill! "

"This image screams deliciousness. Lara is a master of focus and depth of field."


Winner of Food Styling (Creativity):

Congratulations Bea from La Tartine Gourmande

"I can't quite put my finger on it, but Bea of La Tartine Gourmande manages to
create and capture not only sublime physical images of food but of love, light and
pure emotion. She's the quintessential example of someone being passionate about
what they do. And it shows."

"Soft and feminine styling perfectly appropriate to the subject - just dreamy!"


Congratulations to the five worthy winners who, I am pleased to announce, have the honour of displaying these specially created winners' badges to display on their online mantlepiece.

These good looking badges have been designed and toiled over by the wonderful Matt, who undertook this task with energy, enthusiasm and infectious jubilance. We workshopped a number of different ideas together and throughout my focussed neurotic and persistent demanding exchanges, Matt worked with utter professionalism and diplomatic client-driven commitment as well. Matt, you are a super star!

Congratulations again to everyone and thank you judges for playing an integral part in this event. The winners should save the badges above (re-size as you please) or email me for an electronic version.

Otherwise happy fooding and do get clicking for next month's competition hosted by the charming and talented Fanny at foodbeam.


Joycelyn says: "Natural light! Natural light! Natural light! - There's nothing to make food look as delicious as it actually is than shooting in natural light."

She also adds: "There is a time and place for props. Sometimes, less is more. Props should be used juidiciously and should complement and enliven the food subject, not distract the viewer's attention from the star of the show."

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11 comments - Add some comment love

posted by Anonymous on 8/01/2006 11:59:00 pm


  • At 8/02/2006 1:53 am, Blogger Sam said…

    Fantastic roundup.
    I am only sorry that all my photos were so bad that month that I couldn't take part!

  • At 8/02/2006 3:28 am, Blogger Anne said…

    Wooohoo! Congratulations to all the winners! Gorgeous pictures!!

  • At 8/02/2006 10:48 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Wow, thanks so much. I must say, I feel really touched! You all have done an amazing round-up post and judging summary (and the judging task cannot be easy as yes, there are winners, but many deserve to win for different reasons), to entertaining. Plus this badge is SO cool. Matt, it is agreed, you are amazing! Merci encore ! First time I get an award of any type! In France, awards are scarse ;-)

  • At 8/02/2006 4:46 pm, Blogger Alpineberry Mary said…

    Warms thanks for being such a gracious and organized host. I really enjoyed seeing everybody's amazing photos and I learned about some new-to-me blogs too!

    And thank you to the judges. I'm honored to be mentioned among such good company.

  • At 8/03/2006 2:19 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Thanks so much for all the work to host this! What an amazing job by you and all the judges!

    And, definitely, thanks for your wonderful comments on my photo!

    I'll definitely be using the badge!

  • At 8/03/2006 10:44 am, Blogger Audrey said…

    Thanks Helen for hosting this. I'm very honoured to get a mention with so many excellent entries. Thanks to the judges to for their time and effort. It's a pleasure to be able to see so many wonderful food photos all in one place.

  • At 8/03/2006 4:39 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Wow! thanks everyone :-) this was our very first imbb event, we didn't expect to get anything! we are totally excited and the hosts of these events are phenomenal ( i know it's got to be lots of hard work to pull together so many great entries!)
    Thanks Helen!

  • At 8/03/2006 9:13 pm, Blogger Erin said…

    It was so much fun participating in my first blog event. It was fantastic to see all the entries over the month, even if it was a bit humbling as well! Congrats to all the winners, and I can't wait to figure out what dish I'll enter for this month!

  • At 8/06/2006 10:30 am, Blogger Reb said…

    An amazing effort Helen - not only have you dealt efficiently and admirably with so many entries, the badge is a great idea. Talk about a Value Added hosting!! Your hard work is I'm sure appreciated by all bloggers.

  • At 8/09/2006 12:07 pm, Blogger sooishi said…

    what a beautiful selection!
    I am a judge in the next contest hosted by Fanny, je suis très contente!
    The badge is very nice, good idea!
    A bientôt

  • At 10/28/2006 1:56 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The selection of photos is gorgeous, and the winners are terrific!! This great idea made me want to dedicate more time and go back to taking food clicks again.
    Congratulations... simply a great idea!



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