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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Wii feast on Thai

oysters with chilli

The G-man hosted a Wii party recently, except instead of the usual snacks of chips and Coke to tide us over, he unleashed a Thai feast fit for a king (or queen!).

Noodle flowers (twirled by yours truly)

As one of the first to arrive, I was placed in charge of noodle twirling, creating neat little bundles in preparation for our main course later on. In reward for my efforts, I was handed a glass of Thai tea, a dark orange drink sweet with the taste of condensed milk.

thai tea
Thai tea

fish dip
Tao Jeow Lon
Fish and chicken cooked with kaffir lime leaves, tamarind and coconut milk
seved with prawn crackers, cucumber and raw snake beans

Appetisers began with G-man's specialty, tao jeow lon, a dish he'd brought last time to a Chinese New Year party. A dollop of the fish and chicken dip was placed on a thick crunchy prawn cracker, and then crowned with a wedge of cool cucumber and two short slices of raw snakebean.

prawn crackers

Sydney rock oyster with Thai Special sauce and crunchy fried onion

Sydney rock oysters were served for entree. These plump briny oysters were dressed with a puddle of fish sauce and lime juice, flecked with bits of raw garlic and finely sliced chilli. Fried red shallots added crunch. We slid them down our throats for a spicy explosion.

fish curry noodle
Kanom Jean
Thai fish curry noodles

Main course was a huge bowl of kanom jean, twirls of rice noodles scattered with fresh bean sprouts and raw snake bean and then smothered with a thick chunky spicy fish curry. Beads of sweat broke out on a few foreheads of those not used to heat!

And then it was onto interactive games of tennis and bowling and kickboxing and more. Wii had fun. Wii then ate more.
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