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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Daily Noodle Fastfood, Haymarket

Every lunchtime Daily Noodle Fastfood is overflowing with international students and a sprinkling of office workers in-the-know. Hungry stomachs seeking Northern Chinese fare resort to queuing outside for a chance at a table--the fairly rapid turnover is welcomed but the reasons for it soon become apparent.

Inside the decor is, well, non-existent. Tiny tables are jammed along a narrow corridor of space which is otherwise known as the dining area. Elbows jut into the aisle, stomaches have to be sucked in order to slither ungraciously into your seat. The kitchen is separated from diners by a low tiled wall stacked with teapots and empty bowls. During summer electric fans whir overhead giving minor relief to the steaming stuffiness, and the sound of the chef clanging his wok constantly interrupts conversation.

Students don't want service or dining niceties though. They want cheap food and plenty of it!

Daily Noodle seems to be the king of cheap feeds of surprisingly good quality (all things considered). I've been here a number of times and consider their Peking pie with pork mince to be one of the best in Sydney and a veritable bargain at a mere $3.50. The pork pie is a delightfully huge freshly-cooked parcel of crispy flakiness, generously filled with pork mince and one of the few occasions where lard (yes, lard) is worth every tastebud-dancing calorie.

Peking pie with pork mince $3.50

Generally I've shared a Peking pie and a large bowl of noodles ($7.50) with someone and we've both come away more than satiated for a mere $5.50 split. The noodles are machine-made and the toppings are fairly plain and somewhat sparse, but the serving of noodles is so large one can't argue.

The large bowl of noodles dwarfs your average rice bowl.

Today we shared a large noodle soup with chicken and mushroom which was simple yet satisfying. The mere $1 extra upgrades your noodle bowl size from hefty to sumo-sized and it would be unfathomable how one person could consume the entire bowl.

The broth was clear and cleansing, the chicken fresh and the mushrooms juicy.

Good, simple food.

Noodle soup with chicken and mushroom, large $7.50 (small $6.50)

Daily Noodle Fastfood
Shop QG11, Prince Centre, 8 Quay Street, Haymarket
(street-level, Quay Street side)
Tel: 02 9212 0338

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