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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

WBW#8: Vini Siciliani Rossi.... er... Bianco

WBW? It means Wine Blogging Wednesday and just like other similarly acronymed events, involves a simultaneous collaboration of posts around a specific theme.

Sounds hard-core. Or so it did when I first heard about IMBBs, SHFs and the snappy EoMEoTE. But like most of the finer things in life, once you're acquired a taste for them, they become strangely addictive. And so having already attempted two EoMEoTEs and one IMBB, I soon found myself in the local bottle-o for a WBW. Quod erat demonstrandum (QED).

This eighth edition of WBW, hosted by the legendary Ronald from loveSicily is about (surprise surprise) Sicilian reds. Except I was thwarted by circumstances beyond my control and ended up taking home a Sicilian white instead.

I picked up a Corvo 2001 for AU$14.99 ($US11.67 / GBP 6.17 / EUR 9.02) which probably puts this into the mid-to-high end price level for Australian whites.

I'll confess now I'm no wine expert (although I did enjoy Sideways), and I still do prefer whites to reds (my immune system is not a huge fan of antihistamines). So perhaps it was apt that I ended up with a white (pending Ronald's approval/disapproval!).

This had a lovely golden colour and a mildly fruity bouquet. We found this very dry on the front of the palate with a strong straw finish. Probably a little drier than I normally prefer, but then I do tend to prefer sauvignon blancs to chardonnays anyway.

The front label reads:

CORVO 2001
Vinificato e imbottigliato da
Casteldaccia, Italia
Indicazione Geografica Tipica 12% vol

The back label describes this as:

Picked primarily from Inzolia grapes, from carefully selected vines in the finest microclimates of the region. The wine is vinified according to the best modern techniques--soft pressing and long, cool fermentation. The resulting wine is delicate, dry, slightly fruity and elegant, with a pale straw color highlighted by brilliant green reflections.

I don't normally look past the Australian wine shelves, so I definitely did appreciate the nudge to try something new. Ahhh... gastronomic indulgence in the name of research and selfless pursuit of international peace. Sweet.

For a wrap-up on all the international Sicilian quaffing, check out Ronald's summary on loveSicily here.
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