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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Ploy Thai, Haymarket

EDIT 9 AUG 2006: Ploy Thai has closed at this site.

It's true. Once you discover GPS you wonder how you ever survived without it.

No, not global positioning systems (although they are brilliant for navigating ). I mean green papaya salad, which is brilliant for salivating.

Pawpaw (green papaya) salad
Green papaya salad $7.50

I don't know how it has taken me this long to discover green papaya salad. But I'm making up for lost time. I ate it at the Night Noodle Markets last Thursday, again at the Spring Picnic on Sunday, and come Monday, the desire for papaya could not be ignored.

We headed to Ploy Thai on George Street, a fairly new branch of the Bondi original.

Iced salty plum juice
Iced plum drink $3.50

It was a hot day and the iced plum drink on the menu immediately caught my eye. Thankfully it was exactly what I was hoping it would be... salted preserved plum with plenty of sugar and lots of ice. Very refreshing!

In addition to the green papaya salad above we also ordered one of my Thai favourites, the pork larb.

Pork larb
Pork larb $9.50

I had asked for a medium heat for both, and boy was I glad I didn't get any hotter. The heat was fairly fiery and at the upper levels of my chilli comfort zone.

The green papaya salad was light and refreshing. The shrimp were a little on the small side although they did use cashews rather than peanut. To be honest though, I think I prefer a generous handful of peanuts for extra crunch and texture.

Pork larb is always a winner. Clumps of pork mince doused in fish sauce, lime juice and lemongrass, and scattered with slices of Spanish onion, shallots and chilli.

Sticky rice with mango
Sticky rice with mango $4.50

It didn't take much convincing for me to agree to share a portion of sticky rice with mango. The rice was warm, rich with coconut milk and satisfyingly sticky. Combining mouthfuls of this with the clean sweetness of mango was pure bliss.

The restaurant seems popular with Thai students and couples (always a good sign, in my book) and although service was a little distracted at times, efforts to provide everyone with glasses and jugs of iced water was much appreciated.

Ploy Thai restaurant
Ploy Thai (CLOSED)
768 George Street, Haymarket, Chinatown, Sydney
Tel: 02 9211 6630

Open 7 days, 11.00am - 10.30pm
BYO and home delivery offered
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posted by Anonymous on 10/13/2005 05:58:00 pm


  • At 10/13/2005 8:04 pm, Blogger deborah said…

    Funny, The boy and I walked into Ploy Thai on Tuesday night in search for dinner - but I left feeling a little suffocated. It was hot and very humid in side.

    Anyway , yes green papaya salad is wonderful. And no noodles either :P

    I heart chicken larb, but i'd definitely give pork ago, now that I eat it pork on a regular basis :)

  • At 10/13/2005 8:42 pm, Blogger Reid said…

    Hi AG,

    The green papaya salad looks really good. I love it, even though I don't eat it much.

    And sticky rice with mango...OMG, you're just a tease, aren't you? That has got to be one of my favorite desserts! *sigh*

  • At 10/13/2005 9:24 pm, Blogger FooDcrazEE said…

    love "SOM TAM" especially if prepared right in front of ya.

  • At 10/13/2005 10:24 pm, Blogger Kelly said…

    You're so lucky to work close to so many nice lunch places!

  • At 10/14/2005 4:09 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    So yummilicious.. AG..! boy i am so envious.. ! and i know i've said it like a million times now. :)


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